Let's build a story!


by Antonela Lučić, grade 6

A story written by Antonela Lučić, 6th grade student of Primary school Sikirevci in Sikirevci (Brodsko-posavska county)


                                         A  NEW FOREST


     As a little child I had a lot of adventures. There is a picture from each of them. Well, I will tell you one of my stories. It is about a new forest.

     When I was little I did not like doing my homework or study for tests. Well, one day I was extra lazy.

     Instead of learning I decided to go outside with my friends. My best friend Susan was waiting for me with our friends – a bear, a bunny and a squirrel. She looked weird and very upset. She gave me her binoculars to see for myself what was happening. It was horrible!

     Three machines were destroying the forest nearby! The animals had no home anymore! The forest was disappearing...

     We all decided to go there, but first we went to my attic where we picked some costumes from an old chest. If we wanted to be heroes, we must put on some special clothes!

     I dressed up as a dragon, Susan was an Indian, the bear was a pirate, the bunny was a knight and the squirrel was a superhero.

     First we went to my uncle Ed's place. He is a scientist. He is a little crazy and weird, but I still love him.

     Seeing our shadows my uncle got scared. He dropped the magnifying glass he was holding and all the paper which was on the table fell down! When he realized that it was us he did not get angry at us, he just laughed at himself.

     We asked him for advice. He was thinking what to do, and suddenly he gave us a map. There was a red cross on the map in the place of the destroyed forest. He told us there was a treasure in the shape of a tree seed.

     Our mission was clear now. We had to find the seed so a new tree could grow  from it.

     Luckily, we had no problem finding the treasure, the seed. We looked for the best place to plant it. And then we just waited to see what would happen. The rain and the sunshine helped a lot. But our happiness to do something good helped the most, I think.

     The little tree became a big tree and gave new seeds all around it. From each of them a new tree was growing. Finally, there was a brand new forest! The most beautiful forest I have ever seen!  A lot of animals live in that forest now. There are no other people, only Susan and me.

     We live a happy life, nobody is bothering us. And we will fight to keep it that way forever!

mentor: Ana Rajčević

OŠ Sikirevci