Let's build a story!

A Little Adventure

by Petra Gudović, grade 7

A little adventure


Once upona time until the world was not full of factories and all kinds of horrible things, there were five children. They lived in peace with nature. Although they were no more than 13, they knew what nature meant for their lives. It has been so many years and children have grown and become nearly grown-ups.But as they grew older with them love for nature and life also grew up. As they became older, they realized that they were the only people who truly cared for nature...One day they saw the big meadow. They first thought it was usual meadow, but when they got close to the shaved, they looked to the place where the wood was. They stood there for a few moments, looking sad, until suddenly some sound returned them to reality. They turned and saw a small squirrel as it walked with a sad step. "Hey," they said, "You're talking to me," said the little animal. The children had begged her to say why she was so sad. "Well, my home is gone," she told them. They did not know what to say but suddenly James had the plan. And the plan was this: "Guys, we have to find out who is guilty for this. We can not let this go on like that. If we do not who will? Are you with me?" And so…. the kids decided to catch the guilty. Of course, the squirrel came with them. They saw the rock in which there was a hole. Marko was the bravest there and he put his hand in the hole and pulled out a strange map. On that map it said: "At the end of this meadow there is a house and a man in it. Anyone who has found this map must find out is he evil or not. Without thinking they got in the chase. And,really at the end of meadow they saw the house. Slowly they came to the window and saw a man with a big beard. He had some sort of device that looked like a bulb. Something crashed and the children ran away. The next morning they discovered that a new wood had gone .They suspect that it was related to that device in that house. They went searching and discovered the red x. They dug and found a big chest with strange costumes in it. Jelena has come up with an excellent idea: "Let's scare that man,maybe he will dissapear forever." They all agreed and dressed in costumes that were quite scary. It was night and they went back to the house. They opened the door. They found a man who was sleeping, and than they started to light up the lamps, and started to produce strange sounds. So the man woke up! He saw the ugly and scary shadows on the wall. He got scared and in his fear he broke his invention. He ran away. The kids started to jump of happiness. The next day they returned the squirrel to their home .Now those kids are old but they are happy that they can remerber that success and talk to their grandchildren. Thanks God…the nature was saved and with her all the life on the Earth

mentor: Jelena Vrkljan

OŠ Dr. Andrija Mohorovičić