Let's build a story!

Grampa's story

by Antea Valenta, grade 8


„Hey grandpa, what is this?!“ One little happy boy runs to the old man sitting in the chair and looking into his old photo album „Oh, this is my photo album, here are all photos of me.“ He says gently hugging the kid. The kid sits in his lap and looks at his photos. The kid sees one picture where a boy, around the same age as his, and a girl are looking into a chest full with toys.  „Hey grandpa! Who is this girl here and what are you doing here?“ the kid asks. Grandpa looks at it and chuckles. „Do you like stories?“ the old man asks and the kid nods happily. „Then this will be one interesting story about me and your grandma…“



„Wait Peter, it must be somewhere here!“ says a black haired girl, around 7 years old. The boy sighs tired „c'mon Alice, you're searching for that stupid thing for half an hour, why don't you give up?“. „It is somewhere here! The magic mirror is somewhere here!“ the girl continues searching for it in the chest . „Grow up already.“ Peter grumbles. „You are only 9 years old, only 2 years older!“ she says little annoyed. After few minutes Alice finds something „Ah I found it ! „. „Show“ Peter says , she gives him the mirror and he looks at it, he sees himself, but the background iis different. He sees a forest.  A big forest . He is suprised. „ See, I told you!“ Alice says proudly and goes to him and looks at the mirror too, and then… something happens, in one moment the girl and the boy slowly start fading, and in the other moment they are there, at that place.. The place is the forest, right? But… something is missing…  where is the forest?? They are shocked. They're looking around, and they see a little fox crying.


They notice machines too, they go to the fox and Alice asks her „ Hey, why are you crying?“ and the fox answers half sobbing and crying  „My home! My food, my everything… everything has disappeared because of them.. no, not because of them.. Because of him…“ . Peter asks „Who? “and the fox answers „Crazy Dr. Tray“. And Alice asks „Where can we find him?“ and the fox gives them a map which leads to the building where Crazy Dr.Tray lives. „We will bring your house back ! We promise! „ Peter says and they leave.


They must go to the Crazy Dr. Tray's castle, and then come back to the 'x' point. They both slowly start walking. It is nightfall right now. They go to one forest accidentally, Alice gets scared, Peter doesn’t feel any better than her but he’s acting brave, after long walk they find a cave, and decide to rest there and continue tomorrow. They fall asleep fast. Tomorrow, there is something in the cave with them. Peter wakes up, hears some noises , he’s so scared. And then one rabbit comes to him and quietly says „Hey, you awake?“ and Peter decides to open eyes and says ‘’Yeah, who are you? I am Peter“ . The rabbit says „I am Mr. Rody, nice to meet you, Peter“ and one big bear comes and opens mouth „Oh Berny is hungry , wait I will bring you fish“ the rabbit walks away, he’s not jumping. Peter is  frightened by the bear. Then one squirrel comes to him  „Don’t worry, he’s not dangerous but he can't talk.“ Peter looks at the squirrel „why can’t  he and what's your name?“ and the squirrel answers „I am Kiki, well… He can’t talk because of Crazy Dr. Tray , I can’t climb trees, and Mr. Rody can't jump because of him“  she says. „Why is he doing this?“ he asks, „Because he is evil… and selfish“ Kiki says. Mr. Rody comes back and Berny eats fish, meanwhile Alice wakes up and Peter explains what happened, and they eat breakfast.



After an hour they all leave and climb the mountain and take a look. They see Crazy Dr.Tray's castle, and they slowly go down thinking about the plan.


They see a village and decide to go to see their problems. They go there and look around, but there’s noone, strange right ? They find some costumes and take them, they’ll be useful for something. They wear them and continue walking to the castle .


When they arrive, they want to take Crazy Dr.Tray's secret formula to make everything normal again. The night falls and they start playing with Crazy Dr.Tray, they go to the attic where they are doing random noises which scare Crazy Dr.Tray.  After some time, they get a better idea, they decide to scary him with a really scary shadow they make together which looks like a big monster. It frightens Crazy Dr. Tray and he runs away, they go in, find and take the secret formula.


Then they go to the village and pour a little of potion on the Earth and many people appear, happy like nothing happen, they go to the 'x' place where they need to pour more potion. They arrive fast and pour the potion, and the beautiful forest grows again. Mr. Rody drinks it. He can jump again! Kiki can climb the trees! Berny can talk! They are all very happy.




And then accidentally, the potion falls and pours on Alice and Peter, they appear  back in the room with the chest, they both are shocked and suprised, they stare into each other and then laugh. „Peter do you want this to be our little secret, which we will share with the others when we grow up?“ Peter nods.


„This is one of many funny things which I have done with your grandma, and she loves you and she’s watching you from the sky.“

mentor: Ana Andric

OŠ Višnjevac