Let's build a story!

Mission: Save The Forest

by Marika Rovina, grade 8

It is really nice to revive old memories. Turning the pages of this old album, the photos brought a lot of memories to my mind. In one of the photos I see myself as  a young boy with my best friend Zoe and my animal friends. I remember that day very well: it was the day when we saved the forest from a crazy scientist. Now, I am going to tell you the story of how we saved our beatiful forest. 

The forest near my house was slowly disappearing. Some people were destroying the forest by cutting down trees and other plants every night. The animals were also slowly disappearing. A crazy scientist called Harry (he called himself Einstein), wanted to clear up the forest for his plans. I, Zoe and our three friends: the squirrel, the rabbit and the bear, decided to find him and make him change his mind. Zoe's grandfather and Einstein were great friends when they were young, but they didn't hear from each other for many years. Einstein, however, gave her grandfather a map where he signed the exact position of his home, in case they should meet one day. Zoe's grandfather gave us the map, but before we left, we disguised ourselves: I was a Dragon, Zoe an Indian, the bear a Pirate, the rabbit a Knight and the squirrel a Batman. Finally we found him. And here, indeed, was the irony of fate! Einstein lived fifteen minutes away from Zoe's grandfather's house! We crept into his house and heard him laughing. Catching him in distraction, we threw at him  all the things we found around the room and forced him to promise us that he would stop destroying the forest. In the end he gave up and and promised he would leave the forest grow and let animals live freely in their beautiful habitat.

mentor: Nataša Kostić Barbo

OŠ Edmondo De Amicis