Let's build a story!


by Lena Feller, grade 5

One day late in the night something very loud woke up a small squirell, a bit bigger rabbit and even a weary bear who was sleeping the whole winter. The bear went out of his cave very angry to look what’s happening outside. When he saw bulldozers which were ruining his home he felt into despair .He wanted to demolish every bulldozer but something didn’t let him do it, something was holding him there. It was his sadness. He was to sad to do anything. His first tear was scratching over his face.

The other animal who was crying was the rabbit. The rabbit couldn’t watch how someone demolished his home .If he would be strong enough he would demolish every bulldozer. His face turned into the saddest face of a rabbit .He was thinking about where he would live now, where he would find his food. While he was thinking about his life , a squirell passed by him with her  things. The squirell was the saddest of all the animals .The happy squirell turned into a very sad squiell with wet cheeks from crying.

Every animal of the forest left their home to search for a new place to live. They were walking through the forest for so many days and it looked less and less like a forest. The squirell , rabbit and bear were talking about the place where the birds have gone . Because suddenly they couldn’t hear them singing. They also asked themselves why the sky suddenly got grey and not blue. That’s how the days have gone by till they came to a small valley.

They found a colorful house that was in front of a meadow . They rang the bell praying that someone would receive them .A small girl opened the door. Her name was Minny .She was very happy to receive them .She met the friends from the forest whit her family .With her brother Charlie and her mother Ena .They became best friends and were hanging out and playing .

One early morning they decided to go to the attic hoping to find something new and interesting .Everyone was searching .Charlie was searching in the bags ,Minny and the squiell in the boxes and the curious bear and the rabbit were searching in the chests. They found some costumes which they never wanted to put on. The first one who found something very interesting was the bear. He found a treasure map .

They decided to find the treasure .They came to the forest but nothing looked like before .They looked at the map and understood that it will be a big journey .They have to go throw a lot of places .For example the place of the snakes and the hills of blood .While they were walking through the forest the bear , squirell and rabbit got very sad when they were thinking of their old home .It was hard for them but they tried not to think about it .Finally they got out of the dark forest .

They came to a beautiful green meadow .They loved this place so much that they decided to sleep there for one night .The next morning the bear saw the hills in front of them .He asked himself how he didn’t see them before .He looked at the map .The hills at the map looked exactly the same like the hills in front of them .He realized that these hills are the hills of blood .He got very scared and ran to his friends to show them the hills. They were also very astonished at how they didn’t see these hills before .

They decided to start climbing them .That was very hard for Charlie and Minny because they aren’t animals and usually it’s much easier for animals to climb on hills because they grew up in nature. After five other hours they arrived at the top of the hill .Now they just had to get down what wasn’t very easy because the hill was very slippery .They were walking down the hill very carefully but suddenly Minny was gone .They were screaming :Minny ,Minny, Minny! After five minutes of screaming Minny called up from a deep hole .She was shouting :”Here I am, here I am!” Charlie ,bear ,rabbit and squirell didn’t know how to help her so they decided to jump into the hole.

When they jumped they heard a creepy laugh .They followed this voice. When they came to the source of the voice they saw a crazy scientist who made an experiment .He tried to slam the hill .The friends eavesdropped an heard him talking with himself .The whole time he was repeating :”I’ll find my treasure ,nobody will find it before me!” He was talking with a very creepy voice .The friends already suspected that the crazy scientist was searching the same treasure like them so they still listened to him .He said :”These boring kids won’t find my treasure .

When the friends heard that, they decided to frighten him so he would leave and never return .They started using the costumes that they were wearing .They climbed on each other and took the head of the dragon of the costume and an umbrella so it would look like a knight riding a dragon .The scientist got frightened and left. The friends became very proud of themselves and continued their way to the treasure

.After three days of hard walking they arrived on an old ,lonely meadow .Charlie took the magnifier because he was wandering where the treasure was .Because on the map it was written that the treasure is only 100 meters from them .He looked through the magnifier and started screaming very happily but also a bit confused :The treasure aren’t candies ,money or toys .

The treasure is a magic forest .The forest was magic because the wind was made of tinsels .The squirell ,rabbit and bear decided to live in this magic forest. Minny and Charlie got caught up .They promised their friends that they’ll come every week to visit them. After sixty years the friends are still in contact .They always look back to their fabulous adventure.

mentor: Anđela Erkić

OŠ Trstenik