Let's build a story!

We are stronger together

by Marko Ćorić, grade 5

It was summer and Matt and Susan have gone to their grandparent's house for a week. A few day before they came, a scientist by the name of Oswalt Manfree had found a way to manipulate weather with energy. He was going to use that power to destroy the wildlife. He needed space for the machine so he decided to get rid off a huge forest and start building there. He exiled all the animals in the forest and destroyed their homes. Grandpa Joe heard of what was happening and started looking at old photos and memories of all the good times he had in the forest with his friends. Matt and Susan also heard of what the scientist had done and said: “We need to put a stop to his terror!”. They made a plan. They were going to sneak into his lab and destroy his plans and equipment. Matt told Joe that he and Susan are going to explore the woods and grandpa Joe told them not to go too far.

  • Ok, grandpa, we will be back in a few hours.
  • Ok.

They took a map and started their journey. As they were going through the woods a rabbit approached them and asked:

  • Hey kids, where are you going?
  •  We are off to stop Oswalt!
  • Really?! May I join you?
  • Yes, we will need as much help as we can get!
  •  Oh, may I join too? – said a squirrel in the tree.
  • Sure, let’s go.
  • Yey, thank you.

So now the four of them went on a journey. On their path they had faced many challenges such as snakes, alligators and spiders. After some time, they had reached the mountains.

  • Alright guys, just a little bit more and we will be there.
  • Hey Matt, is that a cave?
  • Yes, I think it is.
  • It’s cold, let’s go inside. – said Susan.
  • No way, we don’t know what’s in there. What, are you crazy?  said the rabbit.
  • But it’s cold.
  • Oh, fine, come on.

They went inside.

  • Who are you?
  • Huh, who said that? – Matt and Susan asked.
  • I did. – and out came a bear.
  • Aaaaaa!!!! – They all screamed.
  • Hey, calm down, I’m not going to hurt you.
  • Ook.
  • What are you doing in my cave?
  • Well, it’s cold outside.
  • No, I mean, why are you all the way here?
  • Because we want to stop Oswalt.
  • Oh, can I come with you?
  • Sure, why not.
  • I want to help because he ruined my cousin’s home.
  • That’s terrible.
  • Alright, follow me. There is a shortcut through the mountains. – said the bear.

The five of them went to Oswalt’s lab looking for revenge. After the shortcut, they saw it. Oswalt’s laboratory. They made their way inside and trashed the place. When they found Oswalt, he begged:

  • Please, don’t hurt me!

Matt and Susan said:

  • We won’t hurt you unless you build all these animals a new home.
  • I promise… Can I go now?
  • No, you can’t also use the machine.
  • Fine, fine, now will you let me go?
  • Yes, and don’t come back.

The heroes returned home.

  • Goodbye guys. – said the animals and left.
  • Where is grandpa Joe? – asked Susan.
  • Sshhh, he’s asleep. – said Matt.
  • Let’s go to sleep too, I’m tired. – Said Susan.
  • Yes, I’m tired too. Good night, Susan.
  • Good night, Matt.

So our heroes slept, dreaming of playing with all the forest animals, waiting for another journey, Until then, goodbye and sleep well.

mentor: Jasmina Bunčić

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