Let's build a story!

A story

by Lana Matijević, grade 8

            Our story begins in 2176, on a rainy spring day. An old man took out a photo album from his desk, sat in his chair, opened it and turned around to look at his grandchildren. He smiled and started his story.

            "The legend has it that some pirate children buried their treasure in this village, and here is the map", Jason told his friends shaking the map he was holding in his hand. His friends gasped and Erin, the only girl in their group, said: "Give it to me, I want to see." Jason gave her the map and, almost immediately, she said: "I know where the treasure is." They looked at her in shock, but they followed her none the less. Troy was a small rabbit so Ruster, the bear, picked him up and put him on his shoulders just as Jason was carrying Stip, the squirrel, on his shoulders. They stopped between two trees, in front of a house. "Are you sure this is the right spot?", Jason asked and Erin could have sworn she heard fear in his voice. "Yes, I am sure.", Erin answered. They knocked on the door and, to their surprise, the door opened. They looked at each other and stepped in. The room was filled with all kinds of inventions, models and blueprints. They entered very slowly and, after an hour of searching around, they didn't find anything. They went upstairs to the attic, where they found only one thing in the middle of a room. It was an old chest. Erin took the key, which was clipped to the left corner of the map. They unlocked the chest and there they found "the treasure". There were costumes, binoculars and toys. They stood there amazed when heard footsteps and a chill ran through their bones. It was him! They couldn't leave the house now. They looked around to see if there was a way out. Then, Stip found a ladder, which they put through the window and climbed down. Once they were on the ground, they let out a breath they didn't know they were holding. Everyone took one thing from the chest. They looked around and Jason saw something was wrong with the forest where they had been playing earlier that day. He took the binoculars from Ruster and looked through them. What he saw was disturbing. Almost a whole part of the forest, where they had played earlier, was cut down. He was so sad that he almost started crying. Then a bright light appeared and blinded them for a second.

            Meanwhile, the man in whose house the group was, came home after doing some shopping. He sat in his chair and started finishing his project. It was a lightbulb, which shone according to the weather. When it was sunny, the lightbulb would shine less or not at all and when it was dark or rainy, it would shine brighter. Then something went terribly wrong and there was a mini-explosion during which the inventor saw five monsters. A dragon, an Indian woman, a little version of batman, a knight and a pirate. He was terrified and he fell unconscious.

            The group felt strange after seeing the light. They looked at each other and froze. They were different! They didn't have their normal clothes on. They wore costumes. At least they thought they were costumes. Ruster wore a pirate costume, Stip a batman-like costume, Troy a knight-like, Erin was an Indian woman and Jason a dragon. A leaf fell from the tree above and Jason sneezed and burnt down the leaf. The rest of the group tried to do the same but they didn't succeed. They had different powers. At that moment, the inventor came out of his house to get some fresh air and he saw them trying their powers. He froze and they ran away the second they noticed him. They ran to the forest, which was cut down, and in a moment of anger, they somehow managed to save the forest by scaring and banishing the people who were there.

            The inventor came shortly after them to the forest and when he saw that the strange group managed to save the forest, he returned home to take his camera, the first camera ever, and he photographed them so that everyone would know who had saved the forest.

     The old man’s wife called them to dinner and his grandchildren ran to the table. When he sat, they began to ask him many questions about the story and his wife gave him a significant look but he smiled innocently. When they finished dinner and the children were safely tucked in their beds, the old man snuck into his garage and opened the secret room in the floor. He went inside and waited a couple of seconds for the lights to turn on. When he walked to the end of the room, he saw all of his inventions. From the model rocket to the lightbulb which shines according to the weather. In addition, there was the first camera ever and the potion of immortality too. Then he looked at his favourite invention, which was in the corner. It was a time traveling machine with a picture of a dragon, an Indian women, a knight, a pirate and a batman-like squirrel. He smiled at the picture and read the text on the machine. It read Thank you. Then he heard his wife call him. "Neil!" He went upstairs and asked: "Yes darling?“ while putting his hand around her waist. She put her head on his chest. "Do you think the kids know?", she asked. He thought about it for a minute and said: "Tyson knows."

            And indeed, 20 meters away, Tyson laid in his bed and watched the lightbulb he stole from his granddad's pocket. It shone so bright without being connected to electricity.            

mentor: Ana Kos

OŠ Samobor