Let's build a story!

A story of a magical land

by Tomislav Katanica, grade 8

           Once upon a time, a few happy friends loved to explore, play and role-play their favourite characters. Their story takes place in a beautiful land hidden from the human world. It was hidden because there grew precious trees and if humans discovered it, they would destroy everything and this magical land would die.

            Oslo and his sister Liz were two humans who accidentally got to this magical world and since no humans were allowed to enter, the magical protectors erased their memory. These protectors were Minny the squirrel, King the bear and Alex the bunny. Their worst fear was that humans would discover their world and destroy everything. When Oslo and Liz got to their world, the protectors noticed that they were completely harmless and so they partially recovered their memory. What they did not know was that an evil scientist named Raven controlled the human world. Raven knew that this magical world existed and that it would bring him a lot of money but he did not know how to get there. He invented a powerful instrument that made strange noise when it found something new so he used it to find the magical land. After searching for 11 days, he finally found it. When his instrument made its strange noise, Raven felt dizzy and suddenly he woke up in the magical world. At the same time, the protectors felt something was wrong and they realized what was coming. Raven’s instrument transformed into three chopping machines. Oslo, Liz and the protectors were forced to leave the forest they lived in because it became too dangerous for them to stay. The process of chopping was very slow and Raven wanted to make it faster. He returned to the human world, back to his lab, to create a more powerful machine. Unfortunately, what he created started to destroy everything in its way and not even he could control it. Seeing the destruction he had caused, Raven had a vision of the future. He saw himself looking at the photo album filled with his best memories, but as he turned the pages, he also saw the destruction and sadness he had caused. The last page had a map, a treasure map. Raven noticed that the location of the treasure was in the magical world. The vision disappeared and all he could see was the destruction. He decided to change and he used his last freeze spell to stop the machine for a while until he thought of something to destroy it. When the machine was successfully destroyed, Raven remembered the treasure map and the big “X” on it. He decided to look for it.

            Meanwhile, Oslo, Liz and the protectors took shelter in an abandoned house. They explored the house but they didn’t find anything special. They climbed to the attic where they found a chest. They opened it and a bright light blinded them for a moment. When the light disappeared, they found a lot of costumes and in the chest and they felt happy.

            The search for the treasure took Raven to the same house. The door was opened and he went in. He knew the treasure had to be in the house so he searched everywhere. When he got to the attic, he saw the happy friends taking toys out of the chest. They noticed him as well and the protectors decided to use their powers to kick him out of this magical land. They only had one shot to do it. The previous protectors had given them a special spell, which was to be used only in special situations, and they decided that this was the time to use it. Before getting rid of Raven, the protectors erased his memory of the magical land and they lived happily ever after.

mentor: Ana Kos

OŠ Samobor