Let's build a story!

The Power Of Imagination

by Mihael Švarčan, grade 5

7 - A long time ago, there was a brother and a sister with a rabbit, a bear and a squirrel, they loved to play and do a lot of things. One thing they liked the most was imagination, they used imagination to create stuff that only they could see, the things they created with their imagination were incredible. They loved to play in the woods beacuse there was a hidden chest.




  1. - In the hidden chest there was a lot of costume and toys, they loved those toys beacuse the toys made them want to play even more.




  1. - One day they were playing with the wolves and then they saw a huge truck that was sawing down the trees. And then they saw another one, and another one. They tried to stop the trucks but they did not make them stop. They just kept cutting the trees. The kids were sad when the trucks sawed all the trees. The squirrel was the sadest beacuse she lived in one of the trees. Why did they cut down all the trees, the trees did nothing to them? The squirrel was crying beacuse she had no home any more.








5- They were thinking, but they had no idea what to do. The bear was walking around the room and then he fell and saw a hole on the floor, there was a map in it. He told everyone to look at the map, there was a huge X on it, they thought the map would help them find something or someone to help them grow trees fast or find a new home to squirrel. They were so happy that they found a map.










  1. - They followed the map and saw a house with a sign that said „Enter for help“. They entered the room and saw a guy sitting and reading a book. They asked that man for something or someone that can bring back the trees they used to play with. He said that there is a scientist that can help them, but they can only get to him with the power of imagination. They asked how to get there with the power of imagination, and he said that they have to follow the map until they get to the place where is the mark X on it, and then they have to think of something they love the most and they have to play some games before they get there. They were happy when they heard that beacuse they love to play games and think od something they like the most, it was not hard to do that, so they started to go to that place.


1 - They searched for the X mark, it had to be there somewhere. When they found it they were so exited. They started to think of something they liked the most. The rabbit thought of carrots, the bear thought of honey, the squirrel thought of nuts, the girl thought of the flowers and the boy thought of the woods. They heard a weird noise, they closed their eyes and hoped that everything is going to be alright and when they opened them, they saw a huge house. They entered the house and saw a huge room filled with all kinds of tools and some of them were weapons. They kept walking and then saw a guy that was doing something with some kind of gun. They said hello, But he did not hear them, they said hello a bit louder, he did not hear them, and then they yelled and scared him. He asked them who they are and they said that they are kidswho need his help. The Scientist introduced himself, his name was Jumble The Scientist and he makes all kinds of things from his imaginations that comes to life. sdadasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdadasdasdadadasdadadafsddssadasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasad


3 - Brother, Sister and the Animals told him everything about the woods and how it got cut down, Jumble was sad to hear that story and he wanted to help them. He wanted to create a magical cloud that could bring back the woods and destroy the chopping machines. They loved the idea. He said that they can go home and when they get home they will see even more trees than there were before. They listened to him and started to go home. When they were going home they already saw him working on the cloud and they said that he looks a bit funny and crazy at the same time when he is working, but they appreciated that he helped them. sdadasdsadasdasdjasdjiasjdčasjdkčasjčdjsaildhashdjlashdlshdkklasdklčasdhasjkčdasjčsdjčasdjskčadjčllsajdčkla


6 - They were on their way home and on the half of the way home they saw a big green cloud that was going to the woods. They knew that was the cloud that Jumble The Scientist made. They were so happy beacuse they knew that now they will play in the woods again and the squirrel can now find a new and maybe a better home. When they got home they saw a brand new trees and there were more trees than before, just like the scientist said.


4 - They remembered this day and made a picture that are they still keeping. They really dont want to forget that day.


mentor: Maja Knez Vranić

OŠ Vladimir Nazor