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Five Friends from the Silent Forest

by Ivan Bohm , grade 6

https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/mapa23fine.jpg This is a story about five best friends: Jeremy, Alice, Agatha, Ribby, and Wally. Alice and Jeremy are very good friends and they are neighbours too. Agatha, Ribby and Wally live in a forest called „Silent Forest“. The Silent Forest is a beautiful, quiet and safe place where animals live. The oldest tree in the Silent Forest is called Guinshoo. It is very tall, big and strong. Agatha is a small and fast squirrel. She lives in Guinshoo tree. Ribby is a big, strong and kind bear. He has a house made out of leaves and wood. Wally is a crazy rabbit. He always tells jokes. One day they got lost in the forest’s pathways. They were not scared because they were together. They saw a paper on the ground. When they picked it up they saw a map. “A treasure map”, said Ribby. “We are going to be rich“, said Wally. “We are not going to be rich Wally. This is a map that leads to some kind of a building“, said Alice. “It leads to a white castle“, said Agatha. They looked at it for a long time and then they realized they were lost. Agatha was a smart squirrel so she led them back home. Alice and Jeremy took the map to their home. They gathered  in Ribby’s house and they decided to find that castle. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/suma-nova23.jpg “It's morning!” - said Alice. “Let’s go“- said Jeremy. They tried to figure out where that forest is. They showed the map to Jeremy's  mom and she said that it's not that far from the Silent Forest. “Just follow the yellow road with blue squares and you will be there”, mother said. They went to the yellow road and followed it. It was a long way. “We should go home guys“, said Wally. “Wally, when you decide to stop, think about why we started“, said Ribby wisely. “Oh, never mind. We should move on“. Suddenly Jeremy saw the forest. “Look guys it’s our destination”, said Jeremy. They quickly ran into the forest.  https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/2_dalekozor23fin.jpg In the morning Agatha went into the woods and she picked up some mushrooms so that her crew can have some breakfast. After breakfast they moved on. On their way they saw a railroad. They followed it .The railroad was leading to the castle. They were more exciting as they were getting closer. One girl was standing near the railroad. It was Janna. She was the daughter of the wicked man Guildneus who lived in the castle. There he had his secret laboratory. She was sad and she was crying: “You poor, but kind animals. You need to get out of this place no“, she said. Excuse me little girl, why do we need to get out of this place?”, asked Agatha. “My dad is wicked and he wants to cut off every single tree in the Earth, and he will ruin your home“- said Janna. “Do not worry Janna. We will fix that problem“, said Jeremy. “Just remember! He is very scared and he hates dragons“, said Janna. The crew went back on the road and they continued their journey to stop Janna`s father from destroying their home. The laboratory was far from them but they were sure that they can stop him. “How could he do that? He surely has no mercy to the forest animals“, said Wally with scared voice. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/naucnik_lud.jpg When they came to the castle, they saw him. He gave command to his robots and machines to cut of every single tree in the Silent Forest. “Guys, we should go home. There is nothing we can do“, said Alice. “Hey, I’ve got an idea. He hates dragons. I have got a dragon costume at home and we could scare him!” said Jeremy. The crew went back home. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/bagreri23f.jpg When they came home, every single tree was cut off except the Guinshoo tree. The machines couldn’t remove the Guinshoo tree because it was too big for them. Everyone cried. The crew needed to work fast. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/pasteup23newfin.jpg “Look Guys this is my chest with costumes. Quickly grab your costume. Only leave the dragon costume to me“, said Jeremy. Everyone picked their costumes and quickly got back to the yellow road with blue squares. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/4-zamaskirani23f.jpg “This costumes look weird“- said Wally. “Where did you get them Jeremy? I got them from my grandpa. He loved Halloween”. Jeremy dressed up as a dragon, Ribby as a Pirate, Wally as a knight, Agatha as a thief and Alice as a squaw. They started their expedition. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/beast23finynew.jpg The kids came right in front of the laboratory door, but Guildneus couldn’t see them. He only saw a shadow and he was scared. “I am the forest dragon. I am going to crush you as an insect! Why did you destroy my forest? , asked the kids. “Please, dragon, have some mercy. I am just a human. Don’t hurt me please!” “If you promise to leave the forest and that you will never come back“. Guildneus promised to leave the forest. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/dida-gleda-album23.jpg Guildneus didn’t know that the dragon doesn’t exist but he decided to become a better man. His daughter told him that the kids were trying to teach him a lesson because he ruined their home. He called the kids. He apologized for everything. The kids accepted him and they became friends. The crew liked the new Guildneus. He was good now. He destroyed his machines and robots. The children were happy because they had a new friend. When Guildneus became old, he remembered them and every day he looked at the photos that he took when they were with him.

mentor: Andrea Haman

OŠ Ivanska