Let's build a story!

Magic bottles

by Šimun Pranjić, grade 5

Part 1 - Scientist's idea

     Crazy scientist David came to an idea to build a machine that would help him to control the weather. After many, many years of researches David found the formula for every type of weather and made the bottles for every possible type.When he finished the bottles, all he needed to do was to build a room for controlling the weather. David took the map and saw the forest where nobody lived and didn't belong to anybody. It was called RedWood. It was a real paradise for animals. David contacted the lumberjack company and told them to start cutting the trees. 

Part 2 - RedWood forest

   There were many types of trees in RedWood. Animals' best friends in the forest were Mary and Michael, a brother and a sister. Mary had a brown hair and loved helping animals. Michael had dark hair, loved to play with animals but he was a little bit lazy. In RedWood, there was always a little breeze that cooled down when it was hot. Nobody was in charge and all the animals were equal. There was lots of laugh, fun and games in this forest. But unfortunately, few animals didn't like to sing, dance or play. They were always negative and did their own things. They tried to be in charge but the rest of the animals would keep telling them they were all equal. 

Part 3 - Lumberjacks' arrival 

  Once, the entire forest was shaking. All the birds ran away and the panic started. Michael took out the binoculars and saw that big powerful machines with strong saws were coming. "Run away!!!" - Michael shouted. The animals didn't listen to anyone, didn't pay attention to his words and stayed there. When the big machines came and cut down few trees, they realised that what Michael said was true and ran away like crazy. After some time, all the RedWood  was destroyed. Desperate animals went to Mary and Michael's house to think of a plan. 

Part 4 - Wicked plan 

  In Mary and Micahel's room, a brother and a sister and all the animals were trying to think of the plan. Michael remembered the secret toy box that only he knew of. With the help of the big bear, he moved the bed and took the box out. There were lots of things there. Laptops, robots, wings... You could find everything there. After lots of thinking Mary came up with an idea of making a monster that would frighten the scientist David. Mary drew the monster. It looked like a dragon. They all agreed that it was good and started creating it. After a few hours the moster was finished. It didn't look just as Mary imagined it but it was good enough to frighten the scientist. They tried to get into the monster suit a few times, but it wasn't successful. They realised that they have to change something but it still had to be scary for David. 

Part 5 - Not enough trees

  While animals, Mary and Michael were trying to think of an idea for a new costume, David looked for more trees to cut down because all the RedWood was not enough. After a close search of the map David decided to cut down north forest ColdBiom. It was the always cold forest. The only trees were pines and the only animals were owls and a deer. Everything was very quiet. There was no playing or dancing there. Even though the forest belonged to the government, David ordered to cut it.

"When they realise what I am going to do with this forest and the other one, they will give me hundred more of these." - he claimed. 

When ColdBiom was cut down, there were enough trees to build the control room. 

Part 6 - Frightening of David 

  The costume was finished and the team went to scientist's house to frighten him. David was sitting in his office and reading the papers for weather controlling room. The team made the shape of the dragon and started their plan. They blew the fire out of the costume in order to scare David. When he heard the strange noise, he was so scared that he fell of the chair, knocked his head and lost memory. While he was unconscious for a  few minutes, the team saw the picture of David and his father on the desk. Michael got an idea to look for David's father and some of their  pictures. "Maybe if he sees that, his memory will come back" - said Michael worried and a little bit scared. 

They arrived to David's father house and told him what happened. When his father heard the whole story he agreed with the plan. When David saw the photo albums, his memory started to come back. Animals told him that he endangered their homes. David was sorry  and promised to find them a new and even nicer home. 






mentor: Marina Kolobarić

OŠ Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić

Slavonski Brod