Let's build a story!

Dr Doctor’s Defeat

by Maksim Raguž, grade 5

A long time ago there was a brother named Al and a sister named Cindy. They had three animal friends; Bear, Rabbit and Squirrel. They lived in a small house with their Grandpa. They loved playing in the forest. One day they were playing in the forest when Grandpa said that Al and Cindy had to come back home. Al and Cindy went home like the others. 

Meanwhile, at the Dr Doctor’s castle, Dr Doctor created a light bulb which can control his vehicles. He was laughing like a maniac. 

He used it to destroy the forest and take the wood from it. Squirrel lived there and he was very sad. The next day, Squirrel told his friend what happened. 

Al then looked through his binoculars and spotted Dr Doctor’s vehicles heading off. They decided to stop him. They told that to Grandpa, who said that Dr Doctor tried to destroy all forests on the world before and that he stopped him with ancient dragon power. 

He said that he and his friends were wearing costumes that you can use to summon the dragon. He even opened his photo album and showed them the pictures. 

They went to the attic and put on the costumes. They were very scared of Dr Doctor but they knew they will stop him. 

Grandpa then gave them a map they can use to get to the Dr Doctor’s castle. 

They went to the castle in their cool looking outfits. Al and Bear wore the most important costumes; Al wore the dragon costume which he can use to transform all of his friends into a dragon, and Bear wore a pirate costume which was the same costume Dr Doctor’s troops and guards were wearing. They arrived at the castle. In front of the castle was standing a guard. Bear and his friends approached the guard and the Bear said he brought these prisoners to the Dr Doctor’s prison. The guard let them pass. 

As soon as they entered the hallway to the Dr Doctor, Al, Cindy, Bear, Squirrel and Rabbit pieced themselves into a dragon formation. They transformed into a dragon. Dr Doctor was super scared when he saw them. The five friends made him fix the forest and then they took him to the prison. After that, they went back to the forest and continued to play. And they lived long and happy. 

mentor: Tea Baric

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