Let's build a story!

I remember

by Katarina Ivezić, grade 8

I remember


I remember it as if it were yesterday. When I was a young boy with my younger sister, I often went to play in the woods near our village. We were so happy there with our friends and animals that we would forget about going back home. Once a crazy scientist ,who did not even care about animals or children, or anyone else, came to my forest.He only cared about his dangerous experiments. I remember when our friends the bear, the squirrel and the rabbit came to us crying. We listened to them and then they told us what it was like.

"A crazy scientist came to our forest and now his machines are destroying our forest, all the animals are fleeing far away from their relatives because they can't live here!"

"Food and water will disappear fast!"

"Don't worry, we'll help!" I said decisively.

-„But how? We're just kids. "Sister asked me as she looked at me with her big, shiny eyes.

-Maybe we are children, but we are not just children, we are children full of imagination. Come, I have got a plan.

We went to our box with toys and took everything that fell into our hands. I took a piece of paper and a pen, and the bear drew a map of the forest, where the scientist had already destroyed the forest and where it was still intact, and made a cross where the scientist's castle was. We've put things together and headed for that place. At a distance of 200 meters, we have come up with a plan to approach his window, so that he does not notice us.

"And what if our plan fails?" asked the bear.

"We will try anyway." I answered him.

"How can you know that we will succeed?" the bear asked.

"Because I believe." I replied and laughed.

Then we all made a terrible monster that consisted of our toys and costumes but looked really scary and walked quietly and slowly toward the window of the crazy scientist's castle. We were tryng hard to keep our balance but we stumbled and the „monster“ fell apart.When the crazy scientist heard the noise, he approached the window and looked around, but we hid behind a bush under the window so he didn't see us. We tried to scare him first by scratching on the window panes and screaming, and when the right moment came, we set up our monster and spooked the scientist. When he saw the monster, the scientist was so scared that he screamed loudly and left our forest forever. We planted new trees and plants and with time our forest returned to its former beauty as it once was. I am so proud how brave and clever we all were. We fought for what was important to us and proved that friendship is stronger than any machine or any bully. Even if something seems impossible, with the help of friends and with a little bit of cleverness , you can achieve anything.

mentor: Kristina Jelošek

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