Let's build a story!

Let's Save the Forest!

by Lara Švehar, grade 7

Let's Save the Forest

Once upon a time, in a small village there was an old man who had a beautiful story to share with his grandchildren.

Grandpa: ''Come on children, you have to go to bed!''

Logan: ''We will go to bed only if you tell us a story.''

Lara: ''Yes, I agree with that.''

Grandpa: ''Okay then, so once upon a time...''

Lara: ''No, I want a story with pictures!!''

Grandpa: ''Then I have to get my album. Here it is. Kids, this story that I'm going to tell you is real. So let's get started!

Once upon a time there was a boy named Evan, who was always outside playing with his friends. They were each very different from one another. There was Jenny who loved gymnastics, a squirrel Tina, a bear Shane and a rabbit Luke. They loved the forest. They were always in it.

On the other side of the forest there was an evil scientist who wanted all the trees for his project. So one day our group of friends were out in the forest and they were playing with binoculars. Evan saw something that really shocked him, so he handed the binoculars to Jenny. She saw that all trees were disappearing. They wanted to do something about it so they entered Evan's house and they rushed to the attic. Evan opened his old box with toys and costumes. They all dressed up because they wanted to be fearless. Jenny was looking at the map which Tina made because she always runs in the forest.

First, they went into the castle which they found on their way. The castle was beautiful, so they rested for a little while. In the castle, they found three pretty bicycles so they decided to take them and go to the scientist. They  came to a field where a long time ago, there was a beautiful forest. They saw a house there. It was the scientist's house. Before they entered the house, they came up with a plan. They decided to pretend that they were a dragon. When they entered the house, they started a show. The scientist saw their shadow and ran out of the house screaming.

The group of friends were happy because the forest was saved. They enjoyed being in their old forest because nobody could touch them nor their forest. The end!

So...did you like the story?''

Lara: ''Best story ever!''

Grandpa: ''I knew you would love it.''

Logan: ''Grandpa, your name is Evan, right? So is this story about your friends and your events?''

Granpda: ''Hehe... You will find that out tomorrow. Good night kids!''

Logan and Lara: ''Good night grandpa!''


mentor: Mia Macan

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