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The Forest Adventure

by Elena Grnčarovski, grade 7

One day, I was cleaning my house. I found an old photo album. I started looking at the pictures. I saw pictures of me playing and running around in the woods with my best friends. Oh, how happy we were! I started remembering some of the memories we had together.

My best friends were a bear named Barry, a squirrel Sally, a rabbit Bonny and a girl Haley. Haley and I lived near a magical forest. Barry, Sally and Bonny lived in the forest. Every day we would go out and play hide and seek, and run around. I had so much free time back then. We loved each other very much and we were loyal to each other.

One evening, while I was at home, getting ready for bed, I heard a noise. I looked outside the window but I couldn’t see anything because it was dark. I thought it was the wind. But, when I woke up the next morning, I realized it wasn’t the wind. I put on some clothes and ran outside. My friends were already waiting for me. They were really sad. Someone cut all the trees down. We decided to find the person who did that and teach him a lesson.

We all thought of the evil crazy scientist Luke who had a laboratory miles away. He was always up to some really bad things. Also, he hated this forest. Haley ran home to get some binoculars so we could see what he was doing. We didn’t really know where his laboratory was, so it took us some time to find it. In the end we found it, so I looked around to find out what he was up to.

I saw him smiling while doing an experiment. There were a lot of papers on his desk. There were models of planets and rocket behind him. At first, we didn’t realize why he needed all of that stuff. But then Barry had an idea of the possibility that he would build a rocket. We all agreed with that idea. That’s why he cut the trees down: to get some space to build a place where the rocket would take off. We just needed to come up with a plan on how to stop him.

We went back to my house to think of the way to stop him. We decided that we would scare him. The only problem was: we didn’t know where his laboratory was. I remembered I had an old chest in the basement where some of my costumes and other stuff were. We went there. We found plenty of funny looking costumes and some scary costumes. We were a little disappointed because, as I said, we didn’t know where his laboratory was. Suddenly, Sally felt a paper underneath the costumes.

It was a map! It showed us where his laboratory was. We were so happy. We dressed up and we went on an adventure we will never forget.

We had so much fun while we walked to his laboratory. During the trip, we were laughing all the time and we were happy because we knew that we would teach him a lesson. We planned that Barry would sleep at Haley’s house and that Sally and Bonny would sleep at my house.

When we got there, we looked through his window and saw that he was in the middle of the work. We knocked on the window and then we hid. He looked at the window. He was looking that way with a confused look. Then, we jumped and screamed. He got really scared. We ordered him to open his window. We taught him a valid lesson and he said that he was really sorry and that he will try to change. The next day, he ran away to another country and left his laboratory empty. We were happy because we knew that we wouldn’t have any problems with him anymore. We played and our minds were at peace after long time.

mentor: Tea Baric

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