Let's build a story!

Happy Forest

by Dora Kovačić, grade 5

Once upon a time there was a happy forest with plenty beautiful trees. It was the most precious place on the Earth, peaceful and colourful. The boy called Ben, the girl called Tina, the bear called Medo, the rabbit called Zeko and the squirrel called Vjeverica spent their time there every day.

One day they went to visit Ben’s aunt Clara. While they were at aunt Clara’s house. Something scary happened. They saw it through binoculars.

Someone crashed the whole forest and cut all the beautiful trees. The squirrel Vjeverica went there and started to cry... ‘Who’s done that? Whose evil plan was to destroy the forest?’ That was the question without an answer. But five friends decided to find out who was behind that evil plan. His name was Dr. Zlo and he was the one who ruined that paradise just for fun.

Ben found a hidden treasure map that led to a treasure chest with lots of interesting and useful things.  Ben took the dragon’s mask, Tina put Indian feathers on her head, Zeko became a knight and Medo took binoculars and wore a pirate costume.

They scared Dr Zlo and after that he decided to become a nice person.

That story happened a long time ago, and today Ben is sitting in front of a photo album thinking about the past....

mentor: Marijana Dostal

OŠ Bogumila Tonija