Let's build a story!

Grandfather's Story

by Marko Cindrić, grade 6

https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/dida-gleda-album23.jpg Grandchildren: Hi Grandpa! What are you doing? Grandfather: I’m looking at the photos from my past. Do you want to hear one of my stories? Grandchildren: Grandfather, you always tell the best stories. Grandfather: Well let’s start with the story. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/pasteup23newfin.jpg Once upon a time, when I was a very little boy, I played with my best friends. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/4-zamaskirani23f.jpg We decided to play “pirates and dragon game”. In this game our aim was to find the treasure that was buried by the terrible dragon. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/mapa23fine.jpg We used the map that we found at my attic. We followed the map and we came to the forest. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/bagreri23f.jpg In the forest we saw animals that were running out of the forest. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/2_dalekozor23fin.jpg We went closer to see what was happening. We couldn’t believe our eyes. We saw the forest disappearing and animals losing their homes. It was a terrible scene. We decided to do something, but we didn’t know what and how. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/naucnik_lud.jpg Then we remembered the old scientist Josip. He lived at the other side of the wood. We thought that maybe he can invent something that can help us to save the forest. We decided to visit him and ask him for some kind of help. We wanted to tell him everything about endangered animals. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/beast23finynew.jpg When we came to his house and when we told him what was happening, we realized that he was also sacred as we did. First he didn’t understand what we are trying to do and what his role should be. We said that we need some kind of invention that will help us to stop cutting the forest. He promised to help us. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/suma-nova23.jpg He gave us a green bottle. He said that it contains magical oil. We spilled the oil through all the forest. The forest started to grow again. We were all happy and very proud because we managed to save the forest. Grandfather: Did you like the story? Grandchildren: It was a beautiful story, grandfather. Would you tell us a new story next time when we visit you? Grandfather: Of course my darling grandchildren. I am very fond of telling you short stories from my past.

mentor: Andrea Haman

OŠ Ivanska