Let's build a story!

The adventure of Jacob and his friends

by Nika Rožmarić, grade 6

    Once upon a time, when Jacob was still a playful boy, there was a very mysterious man, a man whom  many children were afraid of. He was very clever, but unfortunately his wisdom wasn’'t  used for good. That man was a crazy scientist Strange. No one has ever knew his real name.

   On a very dark and rainy day, Strange finished his idea that he began to plan as a high school student. He found a right location where he could build a machine that will send five  volunteers to five different planets in the space where they would live as a part of his experimental test. The location was The Windy Forest.

   Strange soon found people with which he agreed that he would pay them if they cut down Windy Forest. Soon many animals were left without their homes and ran away from many terrible bulldozers which were responsible for that damage.

   Near to The Windy Forest, where more and more trees were becoming stumps, the cheerful five-membered company did variety stunts. Jacob and his friends, bear Ted Bear, squirrel Chipmanuela, rabbit  Rabbilly and a girl Caitlin heard noise and went to check out what was going on in The Windy Forest. When they saw stumps at the place where  were trees they liked to climb, they almost started crying. When they accidentally heard the conversation between two workers, they found out that it was all part of Strange's cruel plan. They were very sad, especially because they knew they couldn’'t do anything about it.

   They went to talk about it at their favorite place for chat - Jacob's garret. Everyone sat into the circle and started discussing that there’s  terror happening outside and they are so helpless. Everyone except Jacob. He was thoughtfully staring at a chest with old toys and some costumes. He joyfully exclaimed: "I know!" Ted Bear, Chipmanuela, Rabbilly, and Caitlin cocked their ears. "A crazy scientist will not want to send children to the galaxy, won't he? That's why we will disguise and act as volunteers, then we will reveal who we are. Strange will definitely be afraid of  Ted Bear, so we'll get him to plant new trees in The Windy Forest. Also he will have to take a care of  animals that lived there and give up of  his plan. We will not sue him for illegal cutting down trees of The Windy Forest. He will be afraid so he won't be able to properly  think about it, and he will immediately agree! Who's for it?" They agreed with the plan, joyfully jumped and  admired how Jacob thought of it.

   The cheerful company wore their costumes and started to work. When they came to Strange's place, he was pleased and loudly laughing that his plan was flowing smoothly. He opened the tray looking for documents which they must sign before being sent to the galaxy. Then company surrounded him, Ted Bear roared, and Strange was caught up in a fear and threw papers across the lab. Then they  told him to sit down and settled with him. The settlement  became introduction, introduction  became conversation, and conversation became even a friendship.

   Jacob remembered that day like it was yesterday. And today?  With a smile on his face, with his wife Caitlin, look at pale photographs, memories. They show them to their grandchildren telling them the unforgettable adventure of Ted Bear, Chipmanuela, Rabbilly, Caitlin and him, the playful boy Jacob.

mentor: Ana Barković

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