Let's build a story!

Tell me a story

by Milovan Trivunović, grade 8

Once upon a time there was…actually not so long ago there was a mad scientist , well he wasn't that mad he was actually pretty funny but also dumb at times, but let's get back to story line. Yes I said he was mad but only because he had strange ideas, like destroying the moon because it blocks the sun and another one is when he said let’s kill all animals in the sea, because he believed that the sea creatures made the water salty….well you get the point .But one day he came up with the dumbest idea ever!Do you know what his inspiring idea was? The idea was to cut every tree on the planet so that there's no need to cut them constantly over and over. Well give this man a Nobel Prize for the best (dumbest) idea ever! I mean, if you are a scientist you should be smart but nooo, this scientist way special.Surprisingly lots of people agreed with his idea, but there were still some people/kids that where let’s say smart enough to realise that that is very bad idea .After a long discussion between major and the (mad) scientist which took about  10minutes,but let's call it a long discussion just because the sake of the story. Back to story again. Wait…where was I? Oh yeah, the discussion was over, and the major has announced the decision that all trees and plants were going to get cut! Obviously all people that were partners and supporters of the scientist were very happy, but all people that were against the madness were just simply confused and shocked that the people would turn against the planet. But the worst thing of all is that all animals are going to lose their homes and just a year ago the city was pronounced the cleanest city for animals to live in. People are strange that way. But all in all people couldn’t do anything about it, some demonstrated and fought back but it was useless because authorities were on scientists’ side. Eventually they realised that all their efforts were useless and they finally gave up.Years passed and almost every animals became extinct, the scientist was still in power but yet again no one even tried in discussing with him about the forests and trees. In the old house near the cut forest lived an old man-the oldest man in the village. He is one of those people that fought against the scientist. One day he realised there was an old book on his desk, he picked it up and the tears fell down his cheeks. If you wonder what was in the book let me explain. There was a bunch of old pictures of his grandson playing in the forest.Then he looked up and said ''I will take down that scientist and I will lock him up in jail. After 1 week when the old man called his grandson and told him everything about the plan to save the forest. After hearing the plan, the grandson on needed one thing- his old team to reunite. I probably forgot to say this but when the forest was cut animals didn't have a home anymore, some of them had to learn human language to survive.The old man gave them a look and said that they are ready, he also gave them something that came useful-special suits, but hold on. Just because they are called special doesn't mean that they are special, so they were actually just ordinary suits .But he gave them something else. Find out what in the next chapter. The old man gave them a map before they left on their adventure. There was a mistake on the map-where that big red X is, that was where they were located and their plan was to go to that big castle which was placed between an owl and a small little car and behind a very big mountain. Task wasn't easy but old man chose wisely and he knew that they were the best team for the job. Soon they reached the front of the mountain and oh boy were they scared.Well on the map it looked like an ordinary mountain,but in reality it was very spiky. Soon they discovered that they were going in circle and that they could just basically go around the mountain which is safe rand faster(dumb way of losing precious time-a round of applause please, thank you). Next up was an owl and they just went past it and nothing happened really and the red car was just a normal red car so I’m not going to bother about that. Finally they got in front of the castle. As they were sneaking and trying to ambush the mad man, alarm strangely went off and security went out to find who set their alarm off. In the end that helped the crew get to him unspotted. The scientist was doing something when Mark (That's the grandson's name) and his team scared the scientist and being unprepared he was cought.Later it was established that he lied about pretty much everything. But he was mad,so, no surprise there. About 2 months later the forest began to grow again. Mark was checking on the trees, protecting them from bad weather, something like a tree parent. After 3 years forest was completely grown and ready to be inhabited by all kinds of animals.Let's say that every thing went back to noram. But what about the mad scientist?? Well he did his prison time and lets say he changed. Well not just as a person but also his looks-he doesnt't have that goat beard anymore, he is clean shaved and has short hair. And he is not the mad doctor anymore,but rather more popular as doctor handsome because after that change of looks magazines hired him and he is now very popular and i as a writer of this story am jealous of him.


mentor: Goran Vesić

OŠ Jagodnjak