Let's build a story!

One Big Adventure

by Karla Študir, grade 8

                                      One Big Adventure

      This story starts on one beautiful sunny day. A boy named Jake, a girl called Mia, a bunny White, a bear Brundo and a squirrel Molly were as usually riding ther bikes and playing on the streets.

      That day they decided to go exploring the nature. They found something they did not expect.They came across a large meadow which was only a few days ago still a massive forest full of life. But that wasn't everything they saw there. One fox was sadly and unhappily sitting on a stump. She told them how last night when she came back from a trip, her home was gone. She watched big machines destroying the forest. Jake and the friends felt sorry for the fox Amy so they decided to help her. She gave them a map of the road they needed to pass to get to the castle. She explained them what they had to to. Unfortunately, the fox Amy couldn't go with them because she got injured on her way back home from her trip. Firstly, they came back home and took all the things they thought they would need. They even put some masks and costumes on. Even though they didn't have much of a use, it was fun for them. And off they go. Our adventurers have been walking for a long time facing many impediments. They had to walk through other forest, over some mountains, over the rail, until they came to a big old castle. One scientist lived there. Adventurers didn't know if anybody lived there. With help of their costumes, they made a shape of a dragon and scared scientists when they got in. The scientist quickly realized they were harmless, he was very wise and calm so he helped them. After some time he gave them a bag as big as a football ball, full of powder. It supposed to turn the forest as it had been before. They gave him one of their toys as a memory. After a few hours of walking they finally came home. They immediately started to sprinkle the powder on the place where it was once a forest. Adventurers told everything to the fox Amy. She thanked them and gave them the finest forest fruit. After a couple of weeks the forest was the same as it was before, with many trees, fruits and animals.

 One thing  nobody knew was that Mia had a camera the whole time. She photographed everything. After many years everyone still remembers that journey. Pictures from it are now saved in albums, which they show to their children and grandchildren.

mentor: Senka Javorović

OŠ Ljubo Babić