Let's build a story!

A magic potion

by Andrija Miškić, grade 6

Once, there were five friends who loved Halloween,and they would always dress up in their favourite characters: Bear would always dress like a pirate that sailed the world looking for treasure, John would dress like a dragon who flew around the world, Amy would dress like an Indian, Bunny would dress like a knight who saved a princess and Squirrel would dress like Batman.


After Halloween, they went to play in the forest where they would always play after school. When they got there they saw people with axes and machines cutting down the forest.


They immediately went to find their friend, the scientist, who could solve any problem.


But the last time they have seen him he was moving and the only thing he left them was a map to his new house.They travelled for a long time but they finally found his house.


When they went in his house they told him about their problem. He told them he can make a potion that can make trees grow again, but he needed a special flower.


Then John remembered he had one in a box in his room.So they quickly ran to the house to get it. When they found the flower they ran back to the scientist. When he made the potion he gave it to John because he was the most careful of them.


When they got to he forest they poured one drop of the serum under each tree. After a couple of hours all the trees grew again and all of the animals returned to the forest happy and filled with joy.


After making the forest grow again the five friends decided to make a book about all that they did and every year on Halloween they would read it together. And so they did for the rest of their lives.

mentor: Danica Ercegović

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