Let's build a story!

A Treasure Map

by Roko Blatančić, grade 5

It was a long time ago when the old man was a child and played with his friends.

He watched his old photo album and he started to remember the time when he was a child. Some memories were good and some were really sad and bad.

When he and his friends were kids, they were searching for something interesting and they did not find anything. But they continued searching and finally they found the map of the mysterious treasure and they were so happy.

It looked like the map was showing the way to the treasure.The treasure was buried between two big pine trees. And the kids decided to go and find the treasure.

They took a compass to find the location of the treasure. They also took digging tools and binoculars.

They started looking for the treasure. First they had to go past the castle. Then they had to go through the big woods. When they found it they were so happy because they succeeded.


They were so happy that they did not even notice that there was no treasure. Surprisingly, the chest was full of brand new costumes. They were still happy because they found the costumes.

They were having a great time with costumes. The boy was the legendary dragon with a broom in hand, instead of the sword. The girl was an Indian with a crown of feathers and with the umbrella, instead the spear. The bear was a pirate with a pirate's eye.

The old man also remembered the time when he became the mad scientist. He had the idea to find the real treasure. He spent years and years to find the best way for hunting for a treasure.

He was so obsessed. He was spending days and nights in his laboratory. He got the idea to find the treasure and that idea was to cut all trees around the treasure. He was sure that the treasure must be in one of the trees or under one.

He bought dredges, drilling machines and he hired a lot of workers who destroyed the whole forest and dug it up. All animals in the forest had to run away because they were scared for their lives. It was very sad. When he saw what he had done he started to cry and felt very ashamed of himself. From that moment, he decided to be a better person.

mentor: Dubravka Despot

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