Let's build a story!

Adventures from the past

by Petra Delić, grade 6

I don't go on adventures as I used to before. Although I'm older I remeber past adventures from time to time.I
'm just looking at old pictures.That's why I'm writing this story.

To start the story we need to go back in time.This story begins with genius, but not a very famous scientist. Long time ago he made a couple of magical costumes.They gave superpower to anyone who wore them.

But, let's go back to my childhood .There had been a treasure map in my family for quite a long time. I don't know how it ended up with us. And I don't care. All I could see was a good adventure.

I invited my best friend Emma to join me for a treasure hunt. The map took us to the woods.There we met a friendly bear and a bunny. We met a squirrel ,too.She told us a terrible story: Humans destroyed her entire home. She had to go away and find a new one.

After a few interesting days we got close to our destination.I saw the treasure cheast and we went for it.When we opened it we found costumes from the beginning of the story.But then I heard the noise in the background.We were all scared.We were face to face with some strange old man. He had white hair and white clothes . He was very nervous. We realised that we stole his treasure.

We ran the way we come from but we got lost on the way back.We got to the top of the castle. We couldn't see the way out.We didn't know what to do so we put on our costumes.The bear kept the door from opening with his super strenght.The bubby could see through the walls and he saw a ladder. The squirel flew to it and I broke the wall that was in the way. Ema stunned the scientist for a moment.And we were all able to escape.

mentor: Zdravka Krndelj

OŠ Mate Lovraka