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Forest Rescue

by Dominik Ćorluka, grade 5

"John, look!" shouted Marina.

"What, where?" asked John.

“Our forest has disappeared, look!”

John took his binoculars with sadness in his voice and said "Oh, this is so bad."

"What are we going to do?" asked Marina.

"Teddy do you have any ideas?" He was quiet.

"Well, we can go to Einstein" he said. “He always has brilliant ideas.”

"Sounds fantastic!" exclaimed others.


The forest really looks sad. To be precise, it disappeared. Once there was a big great forest, full of wildlife and wild berries. People from local villages did cut trees but they were doing it responsibly. Few days ago strange people come and put a fence up around the forest. Locals thought it was to protect the forest. A week later, huge trucks and diggers invaded the forest. Animals ran away, trees cried. Nut went to the forest at night and heard that security men were talking about building a hotel in the Forest. Next morning locals protested. “This is an ecological disaster!” They shouted. Security men just turned away protesters. Locals were sad and angry at greedy people. Sadly, there was nothing they could do to stop the disaster.


Nut took big old key and unlocked the attic; she saw an old treasure box. She shouted to others to come up and see it. Everybody jumped and run upstairs. As usual, Bugs Bunny was the first to arrive. Teddy took one costume out of the old dusty box and said excitedly "This is cool". "These costumes will be very useful" said John mysteriously. "For what?" asked Marina. Don't ask too many questions Marina. “He is making a plan” added Teddy looking at John’s thoughtful face, "Everyone is to choose a costume and a mask" John ordered everyone. With outfits in their hands, the gang walked down a creaky staircase.


“Oh, where is it, not under the letters not next to the books. Where on earth is it?” talked Einstein to himself. He kept on searching, but he wasn't having any luck finding it. "What are you looking for?" Einstein heard a question with his back turned to the door. "I am looking for my magnifying glass" quickly answered Einstein. "It is on the first shelf on the left" . "Oh, thank you" answered Einstein then jumped frightened and started shouting. He ran as a headless chicken and locked himself away. "Who are you?" he asked. “We are Marina, John, Teddy and Nut” the gang answered roaring with laughter. "Who, what, where?" said Einstein slowly opening the door. “How did you get in? You frightened me to death. Just to walk into someone's house! Have you ever heard of knocking?” asked Einstein. "We did knock but you haven't heard us" answered John "We came to ask you to help us with our mission" replied John. "Oh, a mission" Einstein's face lit up ,then they sat and spoke of a plan to save the forest with Einstein's mighty serum that will make the trees grow back quickly. "This should work! I didn't spend so many hours working for nothing" muttered the old man. “The liquid is perfect in colour and smell. Let's try it in our garden!” In an eye blink he found himself in front of a small tree. Tree grew in minutes. “Eureka, eureka” shouted excited Einstein. Then, he hurried to show it to the gang.


"Hey gang, here!" shouted John to his dressed up friends who were coming. “Did we take the serum?” he asked. "Yes we have it! It is in your rucksack." added Marina. "Really?" said John surprised. “I knew it was there, was only joking. Let's go to our base and I will show you the map and plans added John.


"Look at this map" said John while others looked carefully at a big piece of paper. “This is the mountain and we are in this tunnel. Luckily nobody uses it. To make our way to the forest we will follow this line. We cross the river and the railway. There are lots of security men and we need to be careful not to be seen. Most of them are around the tent" John pointed at it on his map. “The train passes exactly at 20:45 every day, so we will cross the tracks at 21:00. Follow me, I will give you more instructions later.” “Action time! Good luck to all and our forest too. Here we come! John!” shouted Marina, “I have a question about the serum. How much do we need to use!” John answered "On every tree trunk one drop of serum." They were lucky. They made it into the forest without being seen. The gang was running around moving quickly and putting the serum on every tree trunk. Everything happened as quickly as a lightening. Trees were growing and gang moving around. It was a miracle and all intruders run away with their diggers and all machinery.


“Finally”, said John. "Our forest is back, our village is once more the most beautiful in the world." shouted Marina. The gang was jumping of joy. At once they started playing hide and seek among trees, as before. Soon the villagers joined them. They were all crying of joy, celebrating and dancing until next morning. The gang explained how they rescued the forest. All villagers were proud of them all and Einstein, and his magic serum.


To this day, after so many years, everyone loves hearing the story of the brave gang and crazy Einstein and how they rescued the forest. "Oh those were happy days" thought John looking at an old photo album. That was over 50 years ago! I will never forget that day. That was the biggest good deed I have ever done.

mentor: Tea Baric

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