Let's build a story!


by Nina Perušić, grade 6

I was in a living room, sitting on a sofa with my grandpa. He was holding an album with his old photos and he was telling me a story that his parents told him.“When I was little, I went to my grandparents' every winter.“, he said. “There I met Alicia,Barney, Brody and Sandy. Alicia was a girl with short black hair and she always wore something colorful. She was very brave and skillful. Barney was a very big bear. He was very funny. Brody was a very clever bunny. He knew everything. And Sandy was very special. She knew how to climb and jump. She was a squirrel. One day, we were playing outside. Everything was fine until crazy scientist who lived near my grandparents made a big explosion. After one month, Sandy lost her home because the scientist ordered to cut down a forest. I took Sandy to my house. We made a deal that Sandy could stay if she didn't do mess. One day we found treasure map which had hidden clues. First clue was an owl. That meant we had to look carefully. Second clue was a snake. That meant we had to be careful. The red X was at the end of felled forest. My grandparents drove us to the castle. After that we went on foot. When we came to felled forest, we were looking for the place where treasure was burried. We couldn't find treasure so we sat on grass but Barney sat on something hard. That was treasure. We took it to our home. When we opened it there were cool things like toys, clothes and games. There were planes, balls, flags, robots, kites, dragon costume, indian costume, batman, superman costume and other cool stuff. Later we dress up. Alicia was an Indian, Sandy was Batman, Barney was a pirate, Brody was a knight and I was a dragon. We had a lot of fun. We played football, volleyball, handball, badminton, tennis, we played board games like Monopoly,Pictionary,chess, We played cards and dominoes. As playing became boring, we wanted to get revenge. We wanted to scare the crazy scientist. We came to his house and we started screaming, producing strange sounds and laughing. The crazy scientist was very scared. He didn't want to make us angry.“ As my grandpa stop talking, I fell asleep. He told me:“Good night, my little sunshine!“

mentor: Ana Barković

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