Let's build a story!

How children saved nature

by Sara Simunić, grade 5

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Who would think that science destroys people? It should help people and nature and do no harm. Today, an old man named Luke flips pages of an old album with pride. He remembers how, a long time ago, a naughty and playful boy talked to an evil scientist and saved the biggest treasure of his childhood: the forest, the river and the mountains of his birthplace.

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Luke spent the whole day with his friends in the forest which was near his home. He played, researched and he was friend to forest animals. The animals have lived in beautiful trees and nearby meadows since ancient times.

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One evening the silence in the forest was disturbed by vicious sounds. The sounds of a motor saw and excavator quickly caused panic among animals. Trees fell down under their breath. Many animals remained without their home in that madness.

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Crazy scientist studied the power of the universe and ignored everything around him. His lab was all his life. He had only one goal, and that goal was to create super-cheap electricity on Earth so he could get rich. Nothing else was more important to him. He ordered the cutting of the forests and nobody knew his intentions.

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Luke, his BFF Jolene, a bear, a rabbit and a squirrel could not believe their own eyes when they saw the horrible scene the next day. The big part of the forest was no longer there and the excavators continued to demolish and spread fear and uncertainty. The animals found out that an evil scientist caused the destruction of their forest. They decided to find out what was happening in a scientist s lab and save the remaining forest.

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     On Luke's grandma's attic they found an old wooden skirt with toys, costumes and other old things. They planned to use those items to scare the scientist.

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    They put on their masks and armed themselves with an umbrella, a broom, a toilet brush, and a pudding strainer and started travelling over the land, along the high mountains and fields, towards the lab. They walked all day and reached the destination after midnight.

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They secretly entered the scientist's lab. They sneaked through the door and the light behind them made a strange shadow on the wall in front of the scientist's desk. The scientist was so upset that he fell from the chair and pulled all the papers with him. He was screaming and looking for help.

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The children took off their masks and went to talk to the scientist, who was still hiding behind a desk. There was a map on the desk.

Luke noticed the red cross between the river and the railway tracks. He asked the scientist what the red cross meant. When he saw the kids and the animals, the scientist wasn’t afraid anymore. He proudly presented his project – it was the thermal power plant. The scientist said that the place on the map was ideal for his project. Luke said that the rivers and forests already gave energy to the planet and that he should stop destroying the nature. If he destroyed everything, no one would be able to pay him for his electricity. Everyone would just move away and feel miserable.

The scientist looked at children's eyes and realised the boy was telling the truth. He was thinking only about himself.

Feeling a bit sad, the scientist took his phone, dialled a number and called off the further destruction of the forest. He decided to find another way to create cheap electricity.

And this was the story about how children and animals prevented the destruction of the forest.

mentor: Morea Banićević

OŠ Rikard Katalinić Jeretov