Let's build a story!

Little Big Story

by Lea Lehkec, grade 5

Today I will tell you a beautiful story. This is a story about five best friends. So let's get started.
Once upon a time in a little village next to the forest lived May and Timmy.

They had three friends from the forest: Bruno the bear, Bonnie the rabbit and Lilly the squirrel. Together they were very happy.

In the village there was a big scientist. He was making a new type of a light bulb from the energy of the trees. One night the scientist called woodcutters to cut all the trees in the forest. When they cut the last tree in the forest, the animals were devastated. Bruno, Bonnie and Lilly went to find their friends.

The next day Timmy got his binoculars and went on a big hill with a friend. He looked through the binoculars and saw that there was no place for animals to live.

On their way, Lilly found a map. It would help them to find the scientist for sure. Their journey was extremely long. In the north there were heavy winds, Owl’s Forest by the sea, a White Castle, where the Snow Princess lived. The railway took them fast to the east and afterwards they travelled by car, hiked through the snowy mountains, the dark forest and borrowed an elf’s bike. In the south they crossed the sea in a ship, won a battle against a snake and slept a night in a tent. They found a treasure where the big red cross was marked.

The friends started digging and Bonnie found a big chest. Inside there wasn’t any treasure, there were toys and costumes. May had a great idea. She thought they could all put on costumes and then scare the evil scientist.

Everyone agreed to the plan. They put on the costumes. May had a big hat, Timmy was a dragon, Bonnie was a knight, Bruno was a pirate and Lilly was a Batman. Together they were to scare the scientist.

When they came into the scientist’s office, they made a big monster. Bruno turned on the light and a big scary shadow appeared on the wall. The scientist was really scared: “What do you want?” he cried. “I want my forest back! When you cut all the trees you left me with no place to live. I am really mad at you. If you do not plant new trees I will eat you!” Bruno growled.

The next day, the scientist planted the new trees and added a little growth powder. The trees started to grow really fast. Soon, the animals could rebuild their homes and the scientist made two promises: never to cut the trees again and each day to help the tenants of the forest. That day the scientist learned a lot. He designed a special factory to make everyone’s lives easier. The forest restored balance and they lived happily ever after.


mentor: Tea Horvatić

OŠ Strahoninec