Let's build a story!


by Laura Beber, grade 6

                                    A BIG PLAN

            One day a group of friends saw something terrible. Some workers were crouching forests and they took their friends' homes away. They were devastated and every single animal was forced to move out. Not very far from them lived Josh,  a retired man with big mustache and small glasses. He was sitting in front of his lamp and an old album. He opened it and remembered the good old days. On his photos he could see: himself playing football when he was 15, his first pet, a letter from his mother and many others. In his past he liked being in the woods and now, remembering that he has not have a forest near his home makes him sad.

          Because of that a group of friends took things in their own hands. They explored hot to make workers stop destroying the forest and came across a solution. In the meantime in their neighbourhood they saw a big, weird house and suddenly they were interested in that. Their curiosity has led them to a big adventure. They came in the house because it looked like no one lived there and they accidently saw an old man doing something. Listening and looking they realized that he was a chemist who was doing an evil plan. He was trying to do some kind of a big storm so he could destroy this place with water and thunder. Between all the paper in his house, one of the friends saw a map. While he was taking the map he crashed the book. The chemist heard that and quickly turned around. Friends were running so fast as never before. Luckily, they took the map which led them to a big calstle. They were walking for hours but in the end they found what they needed. They knocked at the door but no one answered. They came in and saw a box in the middle of an empty room. It looked like nobody was there for 50 years or longer. The box was opened and it was full of toys. They made a plan, took what they needed from the boy and came back to the chemist. When they entered in his house he was still doing on his project. Kids dressed like a  big dragon scared him. He ran away from his house, tripped on a stone and fell.

     They destroyed all his papers and appliances he could use for his big plan and sued him so he ended up in a jail. Workers stopped with destroying forests because the police found out that they were working for the chemist. In the end many people helped to the group of friends to make a new home for their friends. They planted many trees and other plants and took care so animals could return home in a short time. They lived happily ever after.

mentor: Senka Javorović

OŠ Ljubo Babić