Let's build a story!

One big adventure

by Klara Klanac, grade 7

ONE BIG ADVENTURE This is a story about a boy named Lucas and a girl named Isabelle. They were brother and sister. But wait, before we start talking about them, we need to see the life of another character, Odie the fox. He lived in Beywall forest near a small city called Louisville. He really loved the forest because it was his home, and you know what they say, there is no place like home. He lived happily until one day giant machines called bulldozers started destroying his forest for an evil scientist who was working on his design of thunder in the bottle. He had to take notes of his design, but he couldn't do it without a paper. He needed lots of papers because he had lot of notes. Because of him Odie had to leave his family and home so he was really sad, but there was nothing he could do. After a couple of days he wandered to Louisville, where he found Lucas and Isabelle playing with their friends bear Woodie and rabbit Hopster. He told them what happened to him, and they told him that the same thing happened to Woodie and Hopster, so they decided to help him.They showed him a map that they found next to the scientist's castle while they were at school trip. It seemed that it was a treasure map. They decided to start looking for the treasure first thing in the morning. Lucas and Isabelle told their parents that they are going on a school trip so they weren't suspicious . The road to the treasure began at the coast of Ship Lake. They called it like that because lots of big tankers and ships were sailing there. When they got there, they needed to go past the house of Snake man, who knows how to speak with snakes (at least he says that he knows). While they were going to the camping side, they were all so excited. When they passed the camping side, they started searching for the treasure. Suddenly, while Lucas was looking through binoculars, he realized that it could be in the Ghost house, house no one went in for at least 20 years because of the ghosts that live there. They were brave and decided to go in and look around the house. There was no ghosts in there! Only some mice. After ten minutes Isabelle shouted that she found it. They all gathered around her and looked at the chest. It needed a key. Odie remembered that he saw something shiny in mouse hole near the chest. Hopster was the only one small enough to get it so he stretched his hand in mouse hole. After a few seconds, he grabbed the key and got up. Lucas took the key and opened the chest while others were around him. Inside the chest were... Costumes?! Lucas was suprised, but Isabelle figured it all out. They could put on the costumes and scare the evil scientist! Others liked the idea. Lucas dressed as a red dragon, Isabelle as a Native American, Hopster as a knight, Woodie as a pirate and Odie as a superhero. They started walking towards the evil scientist's castle. There were lots of guards there, but Woodie had an idea. They took Isabelle 's umbrella and the wind took them to the highest tower of the castle. They went quietly inside and followed thunder sounds to the scientist's room. It was almost 1:30 AM so they had to hurry up. They stepped on eachother's back and started screaming. Scientist turned around and started screaming too because he thought that he saw the shadow of a monster. He started crying and said that he would do anything if they left him alone. Lucas made his voice sound very deep. He said that scientist should never destroy woods and cut down trees again, that he will never again work on his design, and that he will donate all of his money to planting new trees. When scientist promised all that, they ran quickly out of the castle and arrived home at 4:45 AM. The next day they heard bulldozers leaving the forest and some workers walking around, planting new trees. Odie found his family and they returned back to the forest. Woodie and Hopster who also lost their home found their families, too and went back to the same forest. And even now, 76 years later, Lucas remembers this big adventure while looking at the pictures of his favourite photo album named Friendship never fades. The title is true. Some things last forever. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/bagreri23f.jpg https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/naucnik_lud.jpg https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/mapa23fine.jpg https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/2_dalekozor23fin.jpg https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/beast23finynew.jpg https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/pasteup23newfin.jpg https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/4-zamaskirani23f.jpg https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/suma-nova23.jpg https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/dida-gleda-album23.jpg

mentor: Ivana Pinčić

OŠ Mertojak