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The Story of Friendship

by Jelena Kosanović, grade 8

It's very beautiful and calm here, but something weird is happening these days. Someone came to our small village named Roosie. We don’t know who, or what… Oh I’m sorry… My name's Jack and today I’ll tell you a story about friendship. About us... I live in Roosie with my friends, Sarah, Bear, Rabby and Foxy. Sarah is a beautiful girl, she’s 12, just like me. She’s here for me anytime when I need help. She lives in my neighbourhood. She has black hair up to her shoulders and she always wears dresses. When we're on holidays, we're always together. Of course Bear is always with us. He's my best friend. Nobody likes him because they think he’s dangerous, but he’s a great friend, he always helps me and he’s funny too. Rabby is a little rabbit who lives with Bear. When I’m in school they go to the playground and wait for us with Foxy. Foxy is a fox who lives in a village nearby, but he is always in Roosie with us.Today, like every day we are at the playground. We're planning to go to the woods. People in the village say that the woods are evil, but we don’t believe that… It’s 12 PM. We finally arrive. First we were scared to go in, so we looked at the woods from distance. -Jack we need to go there, it’s so beautiful. Look at that nature… I can’t wait While they were talking, I was talking to Foxy and Rabby. Foxy was talking about his village behind the woods. Something is wrong in my village -How? -I don’t know. Everybody are crazy there, storms are bad, people don’t do anything… A disaster is happening. -Oh my God! Why? -I need to find out why. -We’ll help! -Thanks guys… In the woods -Hey, look how beautiful this is! Sarah is so happy because we’re here. I’m with Bear and Foxy and we’re looking for some food. -Oh God guys, I’m so hungry. Let’s find something to eat, pleeease! -Foxy, calm down. I’ll talk to Sarah. Saraaaaah! -Yes, Jack? -We’ll go and find something to eat, Foxy is hungry. -Okay, come back as soon as possible I don’t want to be alone here. -We're back in 5 minutes! -Thank God Jack, let’s go, I’m sohungry. Can you hear my stomach? Oh look! STRAWBERRIES! -Yuummm. -Ughh, I feel muchbetter now, let’s go to Sarah. ¬-You’re back! C’mon let’s go over there, it’s so beautiful. -Truth, c’mon. Before I came here I didn’t know how beautiful this is. The woods are a perfect place to play and spend free time with your friends. I think we will always come here. We are so happy and I think we’ll stay here till night. -Does someone know what time is it? -Hmm, no but I think we’ve been here for maybe three hours. We need to go now, my mom’s gonna kill me huh. I don’t know what I’ll say where I was. -Jack… You’ll say you were with us, on the playground, I will say the same. But, remember, ON THE PLAYGROUND. -Okay, Sarah I understand. So we're going home now or what? Rabby, Foxy, Bear? -Huh, I’m hungry again, Home. -Me too. -Yeah, we should go home now. -Okay let’s go. After 10 minutes we got to the playground. -Okay than, bye guys see you tomorrow. -Bye! -Bye, tomorrow at 12, in the woods? -Deal. -Hey guys wait I have something to tell you. -Yes, Foxy? -I think I'll move to Roosie tomorrow. -Why? -My village doesn’t exist anymore. -Oh I’m so sorry, we’ll help!. What’s happening? I’m waiting for Sarah at the playground. I see her, she is coming with Foxy. She looks so scared.What happened? -Sarah, what is it, what's the matter? -Foxy, please tell him. -Jack listen… -Yes? -As I went to Roosie, I passed by the woods -And? -It’s gone. -Wait, what, how? -I don’t know, I’m so sad… -We have to tell Bear and Rabby! Bear and Rabby were shocked and we decided to do something. We’ll go to see what’s happening there. When we came there we saw a map. We took itand now followed it. It lead us to a castle. -Look! A Caste. We need to go in. -I agree. -So we’re here… And we need to go there. Umm, easy! Follow me! -C’mon guys, this way! In the castle After two hours we arrived near the castle. The closer we got, we felt more negative energy. -Guys do you feel it? Terrible! -Yes, I know, but we need to do this! -Truth… -Few more minutes and we're there! We arrived. Caste was big and creepy. -Guys, I’m scared! -Me too, but we must be brave. -Ugh, okay.. -And, we’re here! -We’re going in? -YES! -Okay, let's open the door. -We’re in, I can’t believe it! -Look! Someone’s there! -Quiet! -Looks like he’s experementing! - We need to frighten him! -Good idea, let’s go! -We have to attack him somehow. -Yes, but not now. -What do you mean? -Just follow me, I have an idea. I took them to an old wooden house near the woods. When I was five, I played here with my grandpa. There were a lot of costumes on the attic in an old chest. We'll dress up in costumes and frighten him...or something like that. What do you think guys? -Great idea! -And now what? -Let's go get him. -Okay so are you ready? -Yes! -On three! ONE, TWO, THREE, GO! And in the end? -I can't believe it. Everything is great again. -Hey guys! -Yes, Foxy? -Look,my village! It’s beautiful again, and the woods are back! -Yeeey, I can’t belive we did it! -And what now? -Juice? -Oh, yeah, sure! -And food! -What if they ask us where we were? -AT THE PLAYGROUND! Sometimes small things, like friendship, are important in solving big problems!

mentor: Julijana Benjek

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