Let's build a story!

Fun childhood

by Karlo Knaus, grade 7

My name is Grand Duke Zmajo. I'm looking at the album and remembering my childhood. I live in happy town. I remembered my friends Lane Indiana, Dragec Bearwheel and Sguirrel.

We had binoculars and watched through it one by one when we were playing pirates in the park. The cloud of rain came through the window in the castle of scientist Ludić. We thought that the scientist invented a rain machine. We went to his castle to see what is happening. While we were coming to the lab we heard the glass break so we quickly ran in. The scientist was sitting in his chair and was working on the thunder.

He noticed us and angirly thrown us out. We watched him all night. after a while we heard weeping in the garden of Lane Indiana. We ran there and saw a witted fox named Terenc Hill. We brought him chamomile tea and biscuits. He told us that his home had collapsed because of the crazy scientist. We immediately knew that it was about Ludić.

The scientist lost the treasure map, so Terenc showed it to us and said "My end is near, take this map and find the treasure, bring it here and give it to others in the happy town."

We searched for treasure, but we disguised ourselves because crazy scientist Ludić was also looking for the treasure. I dressed in the costume of a dragon, Lana dressed in an Indian costume, Dragec wore bear costume and a Squirrel was in a little bat costume.

We were on the road. First we headed over the Yellow Mountains to the chocolate lake. At the chocolate lake we met Ludić and his servants. Ludić went through the chocolate bars and went across the lake to the dream train.

As soon as the train started to go we realized that the dream train has no rails but it flies in the sky. When we came to the treasure Ludić was already there. Everybody told me to give up but I couldn't and wouldn't give up. Ludić left the treasure because he realised that hidden treasure was actully toys.

Everybody was happy when we returned. We shared all the toys. Fox Terenc Hill was healed and he returned to his home. We were also happy because we could play in our park again.


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