Let's build a story!


by Lena Šećerkadić, grade 6

One Saturday morning a boy named Leroy, his sister Irma, Bobo the bear, a bunny and a squirrel were bored.

They were trying to think of something fun to do in their big house but didn’t have any ideas. Then they saw the stairs to the attic. In the attic they saw a chest, it looked fancy. They opened the chest and saw a lot of toys and old things. In the pile of old things there was a treasure map. It was dusty, but interesting. Leroy got very curious. They decided to go on an adventure. Leroy packed his binoculars, the map and some clothes. Irma packed her clothes and a video camera. The animals packed food for everyone. Then the adventure began. The first part was only walking. For the first few minutes they didn’t see anything but the ground, the sky and a few birds. Suddenly something appeared in the distance. Leroy looked through his binoculars and saw a castle. Irma was very excited because she had always wanted to be a princess. They hurried to the castle. They knocked on the big door but there was no answer.They decided to go in. While walking through the castle, they had a lot of fun. They explored the rooms and hallways. Then they came to a big open space. They heard a sound and followed it. They were walking towards the sound and saw a scientist experimenting with something. They stayed far from the scientist and were just watching him for a couple minutes. Leroy decided to say something to him. He got closer and realized he was working with electricity. Leroy said hi. The scientist answered: ˝Oh hello, I didn’t hear you come in. Are you my new assistant?” Leroy was confused and didn’t say anything. “I’m going to assume that’s a yes. Go to the room with the red curtains and sort out my paperwork. When you’re done, pick out my clothes for tomorrow. You will have to be here all day every day. You’ll also be paid one lollypop a day. Get to work… NOW! ” Leroy got scared but he had no choice. Irma heard everything and was determined to save Leroy. Irma, Bobo, the bunny and the squirrel were all trying to come up with a plan. Finally, they thought of one: to dress up as a machine and sneak into the room with red curtains. They went out of the big space and into a room to create the costume. Bobo tore the fabric, the squirrel and bunny were handing the fabric to Bobo and Irma was putting the fabric together. They found other materials too, like an umbrella. They were done in half an hour. They put the costume on. It looked perfect. Then they quietly headed to the room with all the papers. Leroy noticed them and got under the costume. They didn't know how to pass next to the scientist. They were very quiet. They got to the centre of the room when the scientist suddenly turned around. He startled them but they stayed put and silent. Then he decided to check out the machine because he didn’t remember it being there. He got closer and was looking at it until he said: “I am such a genius! “ And he went to his desk again. They were all relieved and got out of the room. After that they happily left the castle. The next stop was a forest. The forest looked brighter than the rest of the sky and land because it got dark. When they arrived to the forest they noticed that it was brighter because it was full of fireflies. They ran and danced with them. Irma thought this was the perfect time to take a photo with the video camera she brought. They even found a tree house with the exact number of beds that they needed. They slept through the night. They woke up happy, had a sandwiche and then continued the trip. They walked all day, it was very exhausting. When it got dark, they found a chopped forest. Irma covered the squirrel’s eyes. They were trying to get through it faster. They were walking and heard somebody crying. They rushed to help and found a fox. They asked what was wrong and the fox answered: “People came and cut down the trees and animals’ homes. I’m so sad to move and get away from my friends. I barely found this part of the forest. There are a lot of scary machines here as well so I have to move as soon as possible.” They were all sad for the fox and decided to help him, to find him a new home. They left the chopped forest and found a part where they could sleep. In the morning they had breakfast and moved quickly. They walked a lot and Leroy noticed that there was an X on the map that marks the treasure. They found a big chest and a lot of precious things in it. They shared some with the fox and continued walking. After that they stumbled upon a camp. The fox wanted to stay there and thanked them for their help. They continued walking. Then they found a tall mountain and another tribe. The tribe gave them souvenirs. Irma took another photo. They had masks and costumes on. Then they saw train tracks and heard a train coming. They got on it and went home. They had the best time ever.

A lot of years later, when they became old, Leroy was looking at a picture book. There were old pictures of their cat, of him playing football, of when they got Bobo, of them in the park… And then he found old pictures of their adventure. He called Irma and they talked for an hour remembering the fun that they had.


mentor: Irena Graovac

OŠ Valdimir Nazor