Let's build a story!

The Treasure Chest

by Veronika Krvarić, grade 8

Tom is a boy who likes adventures. He and his friends are always together and often play in the woods. Tom has a grandpa which he loves a lot. His grandpa Mark is a policeman so he thought Tom everything he knows about self defence. Tom only has his grandpa because his parents died when he was little.

One day his grandpa was going through some old albums and pictures and inside one was a map. He didn’t think it was real but he gave it to Tom. The boy was adventurous so he asked his friends will they go with him to find the treasure. They made a plan to go tomorrow. Tom was really happy because this was his first treasure hunt and he wanted it to be perfect.

In the morning his grandpa Mark wasn't happy at all. Tom wasn’t sure what was happening so he asked his grandpa. He told him that they are destroying the forest because they need the woods. Tom immediately knew that he won't have a space to play on when they cut the trees down. He called his friends and told them what was happening and that he doesn’t want to go on the treasure hunt. Lucy, one of his friends, told him that she heard about a scientist who makes a fast growth serum. They all wanted to find him to bring the forests back. They got ready and Tom tuck the map in his back pocket.

But first they wanted find out some more information about the map to and they had to dress up. Tom dressed as a dragon, Lucy as an Indian, Bear as a pirate, and the Squirrel as a batman and the Bunny as a soldier.

Then, they went to the man who told them that the map is real and it belonged to a famous pirate who was searching for a treasure chest. He told them that they can start from a castle near their town. Lucy started reading the ma and saw that the map says that they need to go in the castle and write their names on a plate. After they did that, they went on. As they were going they went through the Owl Forest, the Yeti Mountain and the Snake Land. They followed the map and they found the X spot. They started digging and found the chest. They pulled it out and saw a box full of toys.

While his friends where playing with toys, Tom went to find the scientist. He found him and asked for his help. He was intrigued and wanted to test his serum and see if it's working as he hoped. They came to the destructed forest and they put a bit of serum on one tree. It grew within a few seconds. Tom was very happy same as his grandpa. Later, when he was older, he became a scientist because he wanted to help people like the scientist helped him. He found out that the map wasn't real. It was drawn by his grandpa just so he would have some fun. Tom is thankful to his grandpa and to the scientist who helped him. He always tells that a little fun is always a cure for every problem.

mentor: Petra Radošević

OŠ Šćitarjevo

Velika Gorica