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O'Khasis and The Villain

by Misa Čohilj, grade 6

It’s a sunny day in Vegdosa, a small village in the east. Noah is anxiously waiting for Mia for them to go the forest of O’Khasis.

“Hey! Come on, let’s go! We’re going to miss the deers if you don’t hurry up!” Noah screams, impatiently.

“Wait! I just need to get my camera and we’re good to go!” She yells at him.

 “Why would you need it?! You have hundreds of pictures of deers!”

“You never know if we spot a baby deer! Alright, I’m ready, let's go.”

Mia and Noah run quickly into the forest. After reaching the forest, they hear a loud crash. They stop, confused and scared.

“What was that?!” Mia whispers. 

“I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound good.”

They sneak behind some bushes and look at construction workers demolishing trees, and in their command is a very famous and rich scientist named Victor Lucifro.

“I want this forest flat and gone, do you hear me?!”, he screamed.

His plan was to construct a lab, so he can conduct dangerous experiments. Standing by him were some men in lab coats.

“What are they doing?! Wait, is that Victor Lucifro? And are they destroying our forest?!” Mia asked

“Surely looks like it, this isn't good at all. If they destroy this forest, then we’re done for! We won't be able to survive and we’ll have to move! Plus, this man is known for doing shady things, I really don't like this at all.. Come on, let's get out of here and figure out a way to stop them!”

“Wait, give me a second!”

Mia took a couple of photos before both of them ran home. They have to make a plan that stops the construction before Victor and his crew actually tear down the entire forest, forcing its residents to move.

“There has to be something we can do! I think the best thing to do is to tell the citizens here about this, so we can stop them! We can't do this ourselves, it's too dangerous!” Mia suggests while fidgeting with her hands.
“No, even if we did tell the citizens, Victor wouldn't budge – a rich and famous man like him, he can force them to leave everything they’ve worked hard on.”

“So what do we do then? We can’t let them destroy the forest.”
“I have an idea, but it's risky... What if we go to the excavator, and cut all the wires up? That way they can't really demolish anything!”

“That's a good plan but like you said, it's risky. If we get caught, we can get into serious trouble! This man is dangerous, remember? He didn’t spend 10 years in prison for nothing!”

“It's either this or we are surely going to have to move. I’m still doing it though, with or without you.” Noah stated nervously

“Alright, I'm in! You're not doing this alone, this is our village, out homes are at stake..”

Mia’s bunny Aaron, sat on her lap and looked at her.

“Don't worry Aaron, I'll be back soon. Stay here, okay?” She smiled warmly. “Alright, let's go.”

They run back to the forest, where the construction is taking place. The workers are taking a break, far from the excavators. Noah and Mia split up. Noah holding a pair of heavy duty pliers, goes under an excavator and starts cutting as many wires as he possibly could. Mia was on the other side, to one of the excavators that were the furthest from the constructors and scientists. She swiftly climbed up. With a hammer in her hand, she starts breaking everything she sees. Just then, they hear a scream.

“Hey! What do you kids think you're doing?!” Victor yells, his face bright red. “Well don't just stand there, get them!” Constructors and scientists start running to them.

“Mia!!! I think this is our cue to run!”

“Hurry! Let's get out of here!”

They both start sprinting, but they end up getting surrounded. Soon Victor was on the scene.

“So tell me, what were you little cute kids trying to do back there?” An evil smirk covered his face.

“You are trying to destroy our forest! What do you think you are doing?! You can't just risk the lives of people who live here! And we all know who you are, you are a selfish man who does nothing that doesn't give him benefits!” Mia yells, screaming from the bottom of her heart.

“Exactly! And there is nothing you can do about it! Your silly attempt was pathetic.” Victor starts walking away.

“Actually, I don't think you're going back either.” A man speaks up, with the rest of the village behind him, and forest animals, including Mia’s bunny.

“What? How did they know we were here?” Noah confusingly asked.

Mia smirked: “I told my father before we left just in case something like this happened.”

“I demand you to get out of our forest now.” The man states.

Victor starts laughing.

“And if I don't? What are you going to do about it?”

“The police are on their way, and we have photos of you. And it won't look so good if they saw your records with the law either.”

His eyes opened widely, and he started running. But the police caught him and arrested him. “I'll get back at you one day!” He yelled.

The forest was saved and all the animals danced happily throughout. 

Mia got her first picture of a baby deer, so she put it carefully in her wooden treasure chest. Deep down inside, she knew that many joyful memories are yet to come.


The End

mentor: Filomena Škare

OŠ Mate Balota Buje