Let's build a story!

The day we saved the wood

by Leonarda Budimir, grade 6

The day we saved the wood ’’ Good morning grandpa!’’ the little girl said as she walked into the room followed by her friends, the boy Peter,the bear Buggy,the bunny Harry and a squirrel Trish. ’’ Oh,my dear Jenny so glad to see you! I have some cookies for you and your friends in the kitchen. ’’said grandpa and continued to look through his old album. The kids and their animal friends went upstairs to an old attick.In the dusty and dark corner they found an old chest .It was full of toys and old stuff.They found some old costumes too,and imagined wearing them. ’’ Look at this knight's armour,isn't it fascinating!’’ said the bunny Harry. ’’ And imagine me being the pirate captain! ’’ said the bear Buggy putting the costume on. '' We know how brave you are specially when the bees are close!ha,ha...’’laughed the friends. Putting the costumes on was fun and the friends enjoyed the time spent together. Meanwhile,a scientist dr.Fridge worked on his evil plan. Surrounded with chemicals and toxic sprays he was finishing his last project, an idea to completely destroy the wood in search for the hidden treasure.’’ The map shows the exact location. It has to be underground ,therefore the trees need to be cut down !’’ dr.Fridge ordered to a man on the other side of the phone. The sound of the excavators was frightening .Man made metal machines fiercily cut down tree by tree ,and in a few minutes the whole wood disappeared. All the animals ran away in panic . A squirrel Trish couldn't stop the tears while leaving her only home. She knew she must run away before she breathes in the toxic smell.There was no life left behind. The trees,the plants,the grass....everything was dead. Jenny and Peter watched the sight in terror from the distance. They couldn't believe their eyes. ’’ Who could have done something like this? ’’ said Jenny. ’’We need to act fast or it is going to be late ’’ replied Peter. Dr.Fridge smiled contentedly knowing that he was close .Soon he would become the richest man on planet and everybody would knee to him.Being concentrated in his evil thoughts he didn't notice a shadow moving towards him.Suddenly,he got frightened as never before. A large silouette appeared in front of him ,the screech was so loud ,dr.Fridge fell down with terror. A few weeks later.... Peter,Jenny and their animal friends were happily running through the wood playing their favourite games .The sun was shinning ,the air was so refreshing and the sky was bright .The wood was colourful , covered with newly grown flowers and the melody of the birds' singing was joyfull.The wood was alive again breathing and echoing the sounds of animals.The wood was saved by the bravery and friendship of the honest hearts.

mentor: Ivana Hrastović Mandarić

OŠ Vladimir Nazor, Đakovo