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Preventing a disaster

by Maja Šimić , grade 8

The year is 1930, two siblings were playing in the basement, they found a chest with old toys and decided to look through it with their friends, Jake the bear, Matilda the squirrel and Spot the bunny.

"Hey guys, how's about we go outside?" John suggested to his friends and sister. "That's a good idea, John! We could bring some of this outside too!" Molly agreed, so did their friends. So the kids started digging through the chest with toys to see what should they bring outside.

Matilda was hidden under all the toys. In other words, she was at the very bottom of the chest. A small gasp escaped the squirrel as she peeked her head out "I found a map!" She exclaimed holding out a rolled up piece of paper. Jake carefully took Matilda out of the sea of toys the squirrel was trapped in. Molly took the map and unrolled the paper. The map was showing the way to a palace on the other side of the forest. "Wicked!" Jake spoke, rather joyful about their new discovery. Molly's smile was wide and gave away excitement "I know, right?!" She replied, turning her attention shortly to the bear. John was just as excited as the rest of the group, he stood up "What are we waiting for then? Let's go to the forest and show this to the others, I'm sure they'll love it!" the young boy said.

"But wait! Do we know how to go to the forest alone?" Molly asked. "What shall we do there?" "Wait a second, let me ask my grandpa" John replied. John's grandpa showed the group some old photos. He said that forests are quite interesting to young boys. They can play football with their friends or simply enjoy the nature. 

The group headed outside in a hurry, Jake was carrying Matilda and Spot on his shoulders as they ran to the forest. Ivy, Leo and Raph were just chilling in the shade of the trees. But suddenly, they heard a grown-up man and a little younger woman talking, judging by the voices. Leo flicked his ear and opened his icy blue eyes. Hearing the voices becoming louder as the humans walked closer to the spot the three animals were at, the wolf rose his head and nudged his friends to wake them up, Ivy woke up fast, since she heard the voices as well, and hid into the bushes.

"What is it?" Raph woke up, confusion showing in his golden orbs. "Shh, hide in those bushes, quickly!" Leo whispered and jumped into the bushes after Ivy, making sure he left no tracks of his presence. The tiger followed after him tiredly and all three of them listened to the two people talking.

"Doctor Stockman, are you sure you want to cut down this forest? I mean, there are a lot of animals living here." The woman said, concerned. "Don't be silly, Helen. You know all too well I do not care about those paranormal creatures. This kingdom needs an easier way to pass through the forest towards the palace. And I'm making that dream come to life." The man replied rather coldly to the woman "Now, prepare the tree cutting machines!" He commanded. "Yes Doctor Stockman.", she sighed. The woman rushed to the machines.

The man, Doctor Stockman, calmly walked the other way, towards his hidden lab. Ivy rose her head, her violet eyes following after the scientist angrily "That monster!" She said and turned to her friends "We have to warn the others. We can stop this!" She said and ran in the direction of the children and their other friends. Leo and Raph exchanged worried looks before running after the fox.

They arrived at the edge of the forest, where they found the kids. "Hey guys! We were just about to.." Molly was cut off by Ivy "They're cutting down our forest!" The fox said, Leo and Raph both nodded in agreement. "Then we have to stop them!" Molly said and looked around "Who's with me?" The girl asked, earning determined sounds of agreement.

The group sat down and started planning, along with the sounds of trees being cut down. Once the plan was finished, the group of friends split up in pairs. Leo and Raph are supposed to freeze and melt down the cutting machines, Spot and Matilda will track down the scientists, Jake and Ivy will help Molly and John make a dragon costume so they can scare off the scientists.

Matilda and Spot snuck into the lab and started looking around while no one was inside. Matilda found a portal. "Spot!" She muttered to her friend "Spot, I found a portal! We could use the mask Molly and John are making to push them in!" She said, Spot hopped over and looked at the portal "I wonder if it works.." The bunny whispered.

Leo and Raph destroyed the last tree cutting machine right when they heard the group of men and women heading their way. They hid and watched them all react in shock.
Matilda arrived next to Leo and Raph "Make them chase you two towards the lab while I get the others", she whispered. The two nodded and jumped out, sticking their tounges out at the men and Helen. Soon enough the chase towards the lab began. Baxter Stockman was leading the group.

The scary mask was ready to use when Matilda arrived in the house. John was leading the team as Matilda showed them the way to the lab in hurry.
Spot was in front of the portal back at the lab: "Leo! Raph! Stand here!" she said, seeing them heading her way. They obeyed and, right on time, the mask team arrived. The scientists turned around, getting distracted and scared. Spot waved at Raph and Leo to move away as she opened the portal. They stepped next to the kids under the mask, growling. As all of them stepped forward, scientists stepped backwards.

Soon enough the kids managed to trip the whole group of scientists into the portal, sending them into a dimension where they're powerless. Spot quickly closed the portal and the kids took off their dragon mask. John, Molly, Jake, Leo, Raph, Spot, Matilda and Ivy cheered and ran home to celebrate.

mentor: Filomena Škare

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