Let's build a story!

The great disaster

by Karla Lea Čerkuć, grade 6

Once upon a time on a faraway field, you thought I was going to say land, but no this story took place on a magical field where people and animals were friends. Every day kids would play with animals and adults would do whatever they want, because on this field there were no bills, no jobs, no school but  the most important was, there were no sad creatures. The rulers of this field where brother and sister Rolex and Jane. Their best friends where Grizz, the best explorer on the field, Puf Puf, the best superhero squirrel and Sir Bravesnuggles who was the bravest knight on the field. Rolex dreamed of being a dragon and Jane dreamed of being just like Pocahontas.

One day , big and scary monsters came and began to destroy the nearby forest. The fox named Peanut quickly ran to the field to find Rolex and Jane. When he found them he started to talk really quickly and nervously. He said: 'Please help, some big and scary monsters are destroying our forest. Oh no no no, I  just realized I lost my home now. Please help us before they kill us all !'. Rolex and Jane looked at one another and they already knew what to do. They gathered everyone and they said: "Everyone who has a place to hide go and hide yourself, and those of you who have no place to hide can stay here and help us or they can hide in nearby houses".

"Jane, Grizz, Puf Puf, Peanut,  Sir Bravesnuggles and I are going to see Crazy Fred" said Rolex. Then the group went to the lab where  Crazy Fred lived. They knocked and knocked, but noone answered the door, so they climbed up the window and entered the lab. When Fred heard someone entering the lab he got scared. The group found Fred in one room looking at some papers. Fred turned around and saw the group. He said: 'Oh kids, you  scared me !'. The group apologized and said: 'Mr. Fred we need your help!'. Fred asked:"What's wrong?" Jane said "People from the town came to cut the trees in our forest. What will we do?" Fred said:"You know kids, this is a tricky situation. Let me consult my friend  Leo. He will know what to do. I will meet you outside in 5 min. " 

Crazy Fred and the group went to Leo's house.  At that time Leo was looking at the photo album from his childhood. Leo had a cat named Mr. Whiskers, and that cat loved to chase things, so they always played football. Leo was a wise man and he knew how to convince someone to do something.The group knocked on the door and Mr. Leo answered immediately.It was a great surprise for Leo to see his old friend.

Leo shown the photo album to his friend and the others, and while they were looking at the pictures they found a map. It was the map of the field. They made a plan. They will go to the castle, where the goddess of wind lives. They will ask her to spread the seeds of  trees over the destroyed forest. Then they will go to the mountains where they will try to find Grizz's father who will help them to scare away humans who won't listen to a polite request.  After they invite Grizz's dad to help them they will go to the place in the forest where the big monsters are destroying the forest and they will ask them to leave. If they won't leave, Grizz's dad ,Mr. Bigtail will scare them away. But then Puf Puf said: "Look guys there is an x on the map. That must be where a treasure is". Jane then said:" OK, we will go and check what is underneath that x when we save the forest."

But then Crazy Fred remembered  that he had something that can help them. "In my lab, I have a magic lightbulb. It can make rain only above  a specific place. But that rain is special, it makes plants grow instantly", he said. "That is amazing. I'm sure it will help us a lot", said Rolex.

The group made a plan which came true. They convinced people from the town to go away and the goddess to spread seeds over the destroyed forest. With the magic lightbulb, they made the forest look like a new one within seconds.

But there was one last task to do. They needed to see what is underneath the x.

They went to the marked spot. They took shovels and they dug. After  few hours they found a treasure chest.

They went to Jane and Rolex's home and they opened the treasure chest. What was in it made them go wooooaaah.The chest was full of toys and candies. Mr. Bravesnuggles said: 'We deserve it!'.

This was a great journey of the bravest of them all, but this journey has come to an end. So I hope you enjoyed it and if you did, please share it with others.

mentor: Morana Strahija

OŠ Voltino