Let's build a story!

The Good Scientist

by Roko Mužinić, grade 6

The Good Scientist

Once upon a time there was a man who spent alot of his free time looking at the photographs from his youth. These pictures brought back many memories, both happy and sad. When that happened, he would sit down and write short stories inspired by the events from the past. One day, while he was looking at his albums again, he remembered one of his stories and it goes something like this:

Long time ago there was a small town with a beautiful castle. The railway was passing through that town and the sea was very close. On the edges of the town there were very high mountains and on the other side there was a wonderful forest. All the town residents were happy and the kids were playing carelessly. The kids adored the forest- they went there all the time with toys from their granny's chest and played with animals. They has the best of times.

One day while playing in the forest , the kids noticed something strange. They saw some people  who were cutting down the beautiful trees! Those bad guys cut down almost every tree and poor animals had to find a new home. The kids were surprised and scared at the same time. The peace in their beautiful town disappeared. 'What should we do?', the kids asked each other but they couldn't find the answer. They tried to find the answer from the grown- ups but they were too busy to deal with 'kids' problems'. Some of them even thought that cutting trees will bring prosperity to theitr town. It all seemed hopeless.

Around that time, a scientist came to town. He had a messy hair and seemed a little weird but he had a good heart. He felt sorry for the little residents and decided to help them although he wasn't a brave man himself. Even shadows on the wall sometimes scared him, but his will to help was stronger than his fear. He was thinking and thinking and finally realised what he was going to do. The kids believed him because they knew in their hearts that he was a great scientist. He worked day and night, had some problems but everything went well in the end. Finally he did it- he sprinkled the whole town with a special powder he invented and everything went back to what it was like before. The beautiful forest was thicker than before and and the trees stood proudly and seemed even taller than before. The bad guys also got the portion of the magic powder and they became good and decided never to do such bad things like destroying the nature again. Everybody was happy and satisfied again: the kids could play without any care in the world and animals found their home and hapiness again. All the town residents lived happily ever after in laughter and joy. Who knows what could happen if there wasn't a strange scientist with good and big heart? Was he a scientist or a magician after all?

The old man was still looking at the photographs thinking about strange events from his past. 'Childhood is such a magical thing', he whispered and looked outside. There stood the beautiful town, the railway, deep sea, forest and mountains nearby. He started to write the story again...

mentor: Mirela Duilo

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