Let's build a story!

The Nature Friendly Monster

by Barbara Roza Stief Mušec, grade 8


                                  THE NATURE FRIENDLY MONSTER



As a child I had a lot of friends and we loved to play together outside. We had so much imagination and our playground was everywhere!



I will always remember the day when the squirrel Ewok,the bear Maya and the rabbit Pepper came to my sister Lilly and me asking for help. A bad man was taking down the their home for his experiments.



So I took my binocular and…Really! Someone was destroying the forest. That was my favourite place to play. We had to do something! Soon,together we made a genius plan to save our forest.



First,we took my father's old map.We found where our house is,where the forest is and where the crazy man's labaratory is.We marked that place with a big red x.



Then we went to the attic where a big old box with costumes was. We carefully opened it. The costumes were old but the colours were still bright and we knew thex would help us.



We went outside again:everybody with its own costume.

I was a dragon,my sister Lilly was an Indian,Maya was a pirate,Pepper a knight and Ewok was a bat. We looked so silly!

Than the adventure started!



We soon arrieved in the lab. We found a little oppening to sneak in and not to be seen by the evil man. We were walking on our tiptoes while he yelled:“This is going to work! I will be the richest mani n the world!“



We came closer to a light he couldn't see. Pepper was so small and fast that she came to him without making any noise.She jumped into his sleeve and he started screaming in panic. He turned around and saw our shadows. It looked like a monster! He was so scared he ran away and immediately stopped the project.



The man never came back and we could finally play again in our forest!

Today there are still legends about a terrible curse put on everyone who tries to destroy our loved forest.

                                            I guess that is the truth...

mentor: Karolina Rančić

OŠ Pirovac