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The Heroes of the Forest

by Daniel Jukić, grade 5

                                    THE HEROES OF THE FOREST

I'm going to tell you one of my favourite stories.

It happened a long time ago when I was 10. My name is Danny and my sister's name is Jenny.
We were playing hide and seek with our friends Barry Bear, Rudy Rabbit and Sammy Squirrel in our forest near the house. During the game we couldn't find Sammy. After searching for him we got exhausted and hungry. So we went home to eat some sandwiches.

When we came back, we saw Sammy crying. I asked him: “Where is the forest? It was here an hour ago,” He said: ”I can’t believe it! The machines have just cut the trees down and taken them somewhere .”

Luckily, I had my binoculars so I suggested to follow the machines. We were walking and walking until finally, we spotted a big tent. Suddenly, the machines stopped. Rudy went to see what was happening. Everyone warned him to be careful.

After a while Rudy came back and told us about a "mad" scientist who wanted to create an artificial power. He needed a lot of paper for calculating. The machines made paper and power from wood. We agreed to stop that madness.

On the way to the scientist's house we got lost. Barry had a map that showed that we were at the foothills. Our chest with costumes was hidden 100 metres south buried in the ground.

" Let's put on the costumes and scare the scientist away! I said. " Let's teach him a lesson! added Barry. " I'm sure he will never cut down trees again! ", exclaimed Rudy. We were all ready to stop the scientist from ruining the environment.

We quickly disguised ourselves. I was a dragon, Jenny an Indian, Sammy a Batman, Barry a pirate and Rudy was a Spartan.

In the tent the "mad" scientist giggled with delight. He finally invented the artificial power.
We sneaked in the tent and created a giant shadow monster. It terrified him. He started screaming. Then we shouted: “Stop destroying forests or the monster will eat you!” He was scared to death.
He promised to stop harming the environment. He started to work on a new project. When he realized  that he could use solar energy instead, the problem was solved!
Lots of animals and trees were saved. And that's why we were nicknamed “The Heroes of the Forest”.  

Daniel Jukic 6.a, OŠ Augusta Harambašica, Zagreb


mentor: Gabriela Horvatic

OŠ Augusta Harambašića