Let's build a story!

Saving the forest

by Nika Erak, grade 6

                                                 Saving the forest


  1. One day an old man Marcus was cleaning his house and he found an old photo album. He found some pictures from his childhood. He remembered one of their adventures called „Saving the Forest“


                                                             . . .


  1. In the forest near the mountains, there was a very small village. Marcus lived there. Every day he played with his baby sister and their forest friends.


  1. The Crazy Professor,who also live din that village,discovered something new.


  1. To realize his project,he need to destroy the forest. He worked for a few days and destroyed almost the half o fit.


  1. Marcus' friends saw that a big peace of forest is disappearing.


  1. They went to the attic and dressed up like they are going to trick or treat.


  1. They went to the Professor's house.


  1. They scared him so much bacause he thought that they were monsters.


  1. He promised to stop the project and let the forest be the forest= a home for animals and a place for playing.

mentor: Karolina Rančić

OŠ Pirovac