Let's build a story!

The scary dragon

by Anamaria Marjančević, grade 7

The scary dragon


Long, long ago, a crazy physicist ordered some men to cut down the trees for his experiment. His experiment was that it rained every day. The crazy physicist, Rudy, didn't know that he made a mess out of animals' houses.

One day, a boy called Niko, a girl called Nela, a teddy called Mickey, a bunny called Loopsy and a squirrel called Lickey went to play in the forest, but since there was no place for them to play there, they went home after a while.

„Rudy's idea wasn't good because many animals lost their houses“, said Niko. The friends went back to the forest, but the forest was gone… Lickey saw what happened and told Niko: „Niko, the forest is gone“. Niko answered: „I know. It was Rudy!“

So, the team made up a plan how to make things better and went to see Rudy. Niko thought that he and his friends should dress up as a dragon. They did it and went to talk to Rudy.

„Ruuudddyyyyyy!“ shouted the dragon. Rudy was standing there, shaking.

„Ruuuudddyyyyy!“ called the dragon again.

When Rudy saw the dragon coming, he started running and didn't stop. The children were so happy to see him leave the forest.

All of a sudden, Nela saw something in the bush. It was a treasure map. Niko and the others were interested in the treasure, so he and his friends went to find it. And guess what? The treasure was a box full of toys for many games.

Every day, the kids would play games with their new toys. While they were playing, the trees in the forest were growing. Niko's grandpa was so proud of him for saving the forest.

mentor: Emina Borković

OŠ Vladimir Nazor