Let's build a story!

A great adventure

by Dominik Radičević, grade 5

One very old grandfather remembers his childhood. He is looking at the pictures in his album. There are all kinds of pictures. Some of them make him laugh and some of them make him cry. While he is looking at the pictures, he recalls the stories and adventures. One he likes very much.

It is very windy. The girl Linda and the boy Wesley are having fun with the forest animals. They are playing right next to the forest. The forest is very beautiful. There are many trees. They are of different colours: orange, light green and dark green. There are paths and small hills around.

One night, the excavators come to destroy the forest. There was not a single tree left. Trees were stacked on a pile. All the animals had to go somewhere away from the forest It was a very sad night. A fox lost her home. She has to go. But where?

It is the next day. A bear, a rabbit and a squirrel look for Linda and Wesley. Wesley takes his binoculars. He looks through them and sees the forest destroyed. Immediately, he has an idea.

They all come to Wesley’s home. They climb up the attic. There is an old trunk. There are lots of old toys in it. But he doesn’t want to play with toys. He wants to find a map.

Finally, Wesley finds the map. On the map he finds the forest. Behind the mountain there is a castle. There is a mad scientist in it. They travel on the old railway to the castle.

The scientist works day and night. He wants to destroy all the forests because he is looking for treasure. He doesn’t care for animals.

Wesley, Linda and their forest animals take some masks. They want to find the scientist. They travel all day.

Finally, when the night comes, they find the scientist’s castle and put on their masks. The scientist sees the shadow on a small hill. The shadow looks like a big dragon. He thinks that is a ghost and gets scared. He drops his papers and runs away. Linda, Wesley and the forest animals run to see the scientist’s papers. They realize his plan was to destroy nature but feel happy because they scared him away and saved the forest and all the animals.

mentor: Maja Aladrović

OŠ Ivan Mažuranić