Let's build a story!

Saving the animals

by Blanka Agatić, grade 5

The characters in this story are: grandpa Joe, his grandchildren Gabrielle and Zack, their pet squirrel Fizz, a bear named Louis, Louis´s rabbit Marcus, crazy scientist Edgar Fitcher. The story takes place in a country named Argonia.

Once upon a time there was a crazy scientist that wanted to cut down every single forest in Argonia. The reason he did that was because he thought that animals could find another place to live. Little did he know that Argonia had trees that animals couldn´t find anywhere else. Grandpa Joe wanted to stop this, but he was too old. He told his grandchildren about it and gave them a map that he kept in his photo album. The map led to the castle where Edgar Fitcher (the crazy scientist) lived. They went on the journey with their pet Fizz. When they got to the mountains of Argonia they saw a bear crying.

”Hey! Why are you crying?" asked Zack. The bear sobbed and then said: “I can't find my rabbit Marcus. He was with me five minutes ago and then he dissapeared." By now the bear was pouring his soul out through tears. Zack sat on the ground next to the bear and asked him what's his name. The bear said that his name was Louis. “Well Louis, we will try our best to find him," said Gabrielle. Louis stood up and wiped away his tears. He thanked them and they started climbing on the mountain hoping to find the rabbit. Suddenly they heard some rustlling coming from a nearby bush. Then a white rabbit jumped out of it. ”Marcus here you are! ''said Louis happily. He picked up the rabbit and said: “Thank you again my friends. What can I do to return the favour? '' Gabrielle and Zack thought for a bit and then they told him all about their plan to stop the crazy scientist from cutting down the two remaining forests. The plan was to somehow scare Mr.Fithcer so he would stop cutting down forests. Louis then suggested that they should dress up in some costumes and use their shadows to scare him. Gabrielle and Zack told him that his plan reminded them of a story they read when they were little. Of course Louis didn't know the story. Louis brought his chest with costumes. Everyone took a costume, when Fizz and Marcus. They decided to put on the costumes when they got to the castle. Meanwhile Edgar was sketching a new cutting machine. Louis, Gabrielle, Zack, Fizz and Marcus started to walk their way to the castle. When they got on a hill called Minchanna Zack took out his binoculars and saw that they were getting to the second forest in Argonia. It was the Windy forest. The Windy forest got its name because there was always windy there of course. When they got there, the wind almost blew them and their costumes away. They somehow managed to exit the forest. Then they found themselves in front of a huge luxury oldtime castle. All of them got a feeling that they got to their point. And that was Edgar Fitcher’s castle. Finally, the opportunity to save the remaining two forests. The sun began to fall so they put their costumes on and took out the flashlight grandpa Joe gave to Gabrielle and Zack. They climbed on eachother’s back and turned on the flashlight. Fitcher saw the scary shadow they created and screamed in horror. Zack, Gabrielle and Louis said together: “If you don't stop cutting forests we will follow you for the rest of your evil life!'' Fitcher then said: “I will stop I promise you. Just go away from me!'' But the group didn't believe him right away. They were so suspicious that they made a contract earlier for Fitcher to sign. They threw the contract through his open window because if they got out of the shadow he would see that the are not a big monster. Fitcher signed the contract while his hands where shaking. He threw the contract back to them. Then they came out of the shadow. Fitcher then said: ‘’So that means that I just made a deal with some children and a bear and not with some devilish creature?!'' They replied with a simple ''yes'' and then told him that there were some trees that the animals couldn’t find anywhere else but in Argonia and that he was ruining them. Fitcher finally understood the big mistake he had made.

And so, that was the story about two children, a bear, a squirrel and a rabbit who saved the animals in Argonia.

mentor: Meri Glavinić

OŠ Vladimir Nazor