Let's build a story!

The mystery of the forest castle

by Mirta Puss, grade 8


My name is Jack. I will tell you the story of how my sister and I, helped by the forest animals, saved the forest. It happened fifty years ago. One day, my sister and I were walking in the forest when we found a map in the bush. We opened it and saw a big mountain and a castle on the top of that mountain. We wondered who lived there and why the place was marked with cross meant. We looked for that castle in the forest and saw a crazy scientist who lived in that castle. He was doing dangerous experiments and explored trees in that forest. The fox told us that the crazy scientist was cutting down more and more trees for his experiments and this made all forest animals run away. We couldn't believe what the fox said. We looked through the binoculars and saw what he had done and we were scared. The strong bear Broomy, the small rabbit Bunny and the quick squirrel Squicky decided to help us. In the big wooden chest we looked for the things that could help us protect the forest. We searched the chest and found a lot of masks. I dressed myself as a dragon, my sister as an Indian, the bear as a pirate, the rabbit as a knight and the squirrel as a batman. We went to the castle to scare the crazy scientist. He was so scared when he saw us that he ran away from the castle and never came back in the forest again. The forest was saved and the animals were protected. They returned to their homes again. All animals lived happily for the rest of their lives. We were so happy that we saved the forest and the animals.

mentor: Dunja Šaro-Vojvodić

Katolička OŠ