Let's build a story!

A Hunt Treasure

by Elena Štrbić, grade 5

One day the  children, bear, rabbit and squirrel went to play. They went in  a room and took their toys.

The girl found a map among toys. On the map  there was a place marked with a red cross. The red cross was on the tree that was cut. Girl showed it to the other children. The characters' names are : curious boy Mickey, stubborn girl Emilly, brown bear Medo, fast rabbit Mut and fast squirrel Brza. They got ready and children went to the marked place. The Mickey looked through the binoculars towards the big white castle.

He says : “The most powerful king lives there.“

“ Let's go to visit him“, says Emilly. “Yes, let's go“, they all agreed and they set off towards the big castle. Children, bear, rabbit and squirrel went to the king's room. They told him about the map. The king said:“ There is a scientist  who lives there and destroys the forest. Nobody can stop him“. Actually he said that maybe a batman, a knight, a pirate,,a dragon or an Indian could stop him. The king told the guards to bring those costumes. Children bear, rabbit, squirrel put the costumes on. They thanked the king and went to find the scientist. They came very close to the place marked on the map. They saw the fox coming out of the forest because this forest was destroyed. They needed three days to find the scientist's house. The house was made of wood and it was deep in the forest. They waited for the night when the scientis worked on the experiment.

They went into the house and the scientist saw the shadow  of the Batman, knight, an Indian,a pirate and a dragon on the wall. They said together : “Stop immediately with deforestation or we'll take all your experiments away“.

 The scientist pushed the button and all the cranes of excavators and trucks disappeared. He said magic words somethings like a cunc cunc cai kai cai and the forest has grown again.


 Everbody was happy and they all lived happily for the rest of their lives except the scienst who withdrew from the forest to the nearby city.

mentor: Meri Glavinić

OŠ Vladimir Nazor