Let's build a story!

Pete's life

by Valentina Marjančević, grade 7

1 Pete is looking at his old photo album. There are so many memories in it. Some are sad, some happy and some amazing. 2 When Pete and his sister Lucy were children they played with their toys every day. In their toy box there was a big bear, a fox, a rabbit and a squirrel. 3 Lucy and Pete’s uncle Mack was a scientist. He always made something from nothing. Pete and Lucy thought that he was very funny. 4 One day Mack did something to make Pete and Lucy’s toys alive. Mack was afraid that something bad could happen. 5 But it wasn’t bad at all. Pete and Lucy played with them. A bear and a rabbit talked with them. 6 At the bottom of the toy box there was a map. On the map there was a castle, mountains, a big forest, tracks, a camp near a snake-shaped lake and there was a big red cross near the tree stumps. 7 A group of little explorers started their big adventure. They all started to follow marks from the map. They were excited. 8 Pete, Lucy, a bear, a squirrel and a rabbit were happy in the forest. They were dancing between the trees after they crossed the mountains. They all wanted to stay there forever. They had a great time there. Every new day was a new adventure. 9 But one day Pete’s beautiful forest, lake, mountains and camp were erased. All trees, a castle and animals vanished. From that day Pete was no more a child, no more a small boy, he became a young man. He grew up and now he can enjoy all those memories. Oh, how great was it having child’s imagination. Life is amazing and nothing is impossible.

mentor: Kristina Horvat

OŠ Josipa Jurja Strossmayera