Let's build a story!

Saving the Forest

by Marko Ante Komić, grade 7

  1. a forest that continued on a park, lived a lot of animals. Every Sunday a first grade had a picnic in that park. The first graders played with animals from the forest. But one day on a map of that park, a mad scientist discovered a mine full of metal that he needed to power his new of the light bulb. He payed a group of workers to take down the forest and to make a train track to the mine. That left all those animals homeless and sad. The first graders Tom and Mickey had a grandfather that owned some football courts. They asked him to adopt the animals and put them to live on the football courts. He gave them the permission and also gave them an old house near the courts to use as a storage. When they came into the old house, they found a big chest full of toys and costumes in the attic. Next morning the kids went on the top of the hill to see the remains of the forest. They were outraged when they saw that there was nothing left. Then they went back to the chest and dressed up. They went to war with the mad scientist. One night wearing their scary costumes from the attic, they broke into mad scientist’s house and scared him so much that he abandoned his mad project. In the next few years everything came back to normal. The forest healed, animals had their home again, and the fifth graders again had their picnic every Sunday in their favourite park.



mentor: Ivana Jukić Štrbac

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