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Fin's Adventure

by Marta Hršak, grade 6

                                                           Fin's Adventure


Once upon a time there was an old man named Fin. In his free time he liked to look at his chilhood pictures. One day he found a picture of him and his friends wearing costumes. That day they found an old wooden box filled with costumes and an old map. They put on their costumes and they followed the map. While they were following the map, some scientist was creating electricity. He was very proud of himself because he was the first scientist who created something. Fin and his friends got to the place the map took them to. It was an old lab. At first they didn't want to come in but Fin was very brave and curious so they entered the lab in the end. They scared the scientist that much that he fell off from the chair and destroyed his project. He was very angry with them and  started yelling at them: “How could you  destroy my project?? I am goig to get even with you! I am going to destroy your lives“. The scientist wasn't lying about that and kept his promise. After a few days, five days, to be precise, he destroyed the forest where Fin's friends lived. They needed to find a new home so Fin helped them search for a new one. There weren't any forests nearby so they had to walk a long way before they found a new one.  Fin and his friends didn't see each other any more because the new forest wasn't near him. Never again did Fin see his friends but he will never forget that adventure.     

mentor: Karolina Leskovar Hržica

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