Let's build a story!


by ROBERTO OLUJIĆ, grade 7

Once upon a time there were a brother and a sister named Thomas and Tina. They loved going outside and playing with their friends Bunny, Squirrel and Bear in their forest.

One day, the forest was cut down and their three friends had to move to their small house. Thomas and were sad and bored. A week later it was Halloween. They were pretty excited and everyone wore a costume. Thomas was a mighty dragon, Tina was a wild Native girl, Bear was a tricky pirate, Squirrel was the brave Batman, and Bunny was a royal knight. They had so much fun that day. Tina got an idea that they go trick-or-treating. They went to their neighbour's house who was a mad scientist. They simply called him Professor. Professor was currently working on a light bulb that does not use any power source and never burns out. He called it The Infinity Bulb. When they came to his house, they wanted to scare him and they got in a scary pose and opened the door. When Professor looked at the door he jumped out of his chair and accidentally broke The Infinity Bulb. He was so angry and wanted to kick them out. But Professor was nice and he liked company. He also knew about the forest and wanted to help them. He knew that if he would somehow bring trees back to life, loggers would cut them down again, so there was no use. Then he got an idea and he gave them a treasure map. They were all excited and all started working.

When they left the house, they started looking for the treasure. It was between a camp, two trees, train rails and their forest. Thomas took his binoculars and tried to see where it is. When he saw it, they ran to it and started digging. They found a treasure chest and brought it home. When they opened the chest they saw toys and a note Whoever finds this chest is the happiest person in world. They were so happy and started playing.

Today, Professor is 87 years old and has an album with pictures of his friends playing and having fun. He was one of the happiest people in world.